DC Universe Online - Can MMORPGs Work On Console?

Two years since its launch, has DC Universe Online proved MMOs work on console? Executive Producer Larry Liberty tells us how SOE pulled it off.

By Ryan King

It has been over two years since DC Universe Online launched. Looking back at the game’s launch, what’s your favourite memory of that time?

My favourite memory from the DC Universe Online launch would have to be the Blur intro movie that set the stage for the Brainiac/Future Lex/Future Batman storyline that is only now wrapping up in DLC 7. It’s the stuff of comic fan dreams and something that I would love to see extended to feature length.

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yokokoroma1996d ago

The answer is yes, but it depends on the MMORPG, and what it offers to the player. MMORPG developers should take note of what DCUO has done, in that it allows console gamers to play with/against pc gamers. Thus proving that the two can coincide, when it comes to (perhaps the PC's biggest game genre) MMOs.

OhReginald1996d ago

PS2 has had mmorpgs as well in the past with games such as Everquest Online Adventures and Final Fantasy 11, all great successes.

PS3 blew me away with DC universe online.

I honestly can't wait what deveoplers have in store for us with the PS4. Especially SOE, which is one of the flew people to actually launch successful mmo games the past few years.