5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A PS Vita

CGUK writes:
"The Playstation Vita, SONY's most advanced portable gaming system is nearing its 1 year anniversary and for the unaware, the Vita has had a fairly big year in terms of what games are available on the powerhouse of a system. So, in celebration of the console's first successful year, we can only look back at the system and see what really made it shine, this is the 5 reasons why YOU should go out and buy yourself a Vita."

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sherimae24131604d ago

good article, it really sums up the good features of the ps vita ^_^

3-4-51604d ago

* The reasons I would eventually buy one:

* Remotely play PS4 games. This would only help me if I also bought PS4

* Play PS3,Ps2,Ps1 games via PSN

* Gaming focused

* They fixed the dual shock controller. ( I hated the dual shock so for me this is the biggest improvement.

Snookies121604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

I love my Vita so much I'd marry it, but then I'd have to have an affair with the PS4 when it comes out....

Lol, seriously though... It's a fantastic handheld. Definitely one of my favorite consoles period.

imXify1604d ago

Don't marry it ! It will cheat on you with the PS4.

beakeroo11604d ago

I agree with the article but I hate this "five reasons why you should/shouldn't" do something format. It annoys me so, please people, let it die.

d3nworth11604d ago

Agreed. Sometimes it feel like these articles are arguing with each other. " you should" "no you shouldn't"

ApolloTheBoss1604d ago

Buy it if you don't have one. You have no idea how awesome this thing is.

Azurite1604d ago

Waiting for the "Vita slim" which possibly has a HDMI-out.

jon12341604d ago

it might already have it with that mystery port on the top

tubers1603d ago

I hope so.. but I doubt it since the Dev Unit has an HDMI.. but who knows.. maybe it the Dev Unit doesn't have that mystery port.

Goro1604d ago

I think the current Vita is a perfect size and nice weight, i wouldn't want a slim

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The story is too old to be commented.