The Top 4 Franchise Comebacks Of This Generation

CGUK writes:
"Gaming, whether it be a hobby, a guilty pleasure or an addiction, we have all been affected by gaming in some way or another. With gaming having a long, lustrous history, it comes as no surprise that a certain group of unique game franchises have completely stepped-up their game and taken the industry by storm during some point in their lifetime. Predominantly focusing on franchise turn-arounds seen during this generation (XBOX 360 and PS3), be prepared to gasp, wonder and predict the outcome of the top 4 franchise comebacks of this generation,

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Gamesgbkiller2020d ago

Just Cause 3 with multiplayer .. BOOM!!!

porkChop2020d ago

Man, just imagine Just Cause 3 with 2-4 player coop. That would be insane.

Hydrolex2020d ago

I had so much fun with just cause 2... def buying the 3rd one, and the gamd looked gorgeous, was running smoothly too... so imagine that on ps4

USMC_POLICE2020d ago

There is no way in hell call of duty is a come back. Now its losing its appeal with each release. Now true fans of the series are crying begging for a release that returns the series to its roots. Just cause isn't a comeback neither the first was good 2nd was better.

porkChop2020d ago

They're specifically talking about Call of Duty 4 which single-handedly changed the entire market.

GamingAngelGabriel2020d ago

Assassin's Creed is an excellent pick. I didn't like the first game at all, but they REALLY improved it.

TopDudeMan2020d ago

Agreed, when it came out, AC2 was incredible.

Conzul2020d ago

Soundtrack got steadily downgraded throughout though.

ironfist922019d ago

Considering they fired the guy who made the awesome music to begin with :/

Dr Pepper2020d ago

"In the years prior to 2007, the Call Of Duty franchise excelled in delivering the consumer with a realistic, gritty taste of the life of a soldier in the Second World War"

Do people actually think those were realistic and gritty games? Huh. Weird.

Anyways, I'm just surprised at how many Assassin's Creed games have been released (or will be, with Black Flag) in one console generation. Especially since the first game came out in 2007, a couple years into the cycle.

hipnotyze2020d ago

Cool article, these are all titles I personally enjoyed later in their years. Although Modern Warfare was good, and Modern Warfare 2 was maybe a little better, I have a tough time keeping myself in the Treyarch titles for some reason. Overall solid list, the rest of the games have certainly grown up quite a bit.

porkChop2019d ago

Yeah while I think the Treyarch CoD's have much cooler and fresher ideas, there's just something always off about them. I lose interest in them MUCH faster than with the IW ones.

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