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Submitted by ltachiUchiha 983d ago | news

Naughty Dog will use existing Uncharted, The Last of Us engine for PS4

By Matthew Reynolds

Naughty Dog will keep its existing in-house engine used in Uncharted and The Last of Us for the PS4, the developer has revealed.

Game director Bruce Straley explained how it won't repeat past mistakes of developing a new engine from scratch for a new console generation, as it did when it started work on Uncharted for the PS3.

"We learned a big lesson coming from PS2 to PS3," he told Digital Spy.

"There was a lot of hype over what next-gen was going to be. It was all going to be like movies, like a pre-rendered cutscene-style fidelity.

"That turned out not to be true. Granted, what we're able to do now is pretty damn close, but it took Naughty Dog four games to get there - one of the top developers in the industry with some on the most amazing scientists working in our programming department." (Dev, Industry, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune)

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The_Infected  +   983d ago | Well said
I trust ND no matter what they do.
ltachiUchiha  +   983d ago
Same here, they are my favorite devs of all time. =]
seanpitt23  +   983d ago
ND and rockstar and I couldn't leave out dice they have gave me many hours of fun to.
Hydrolex  +   983d ago
As long as I see big improvements, I don't care !
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Koyes  +   983d ago
ND won my heart with the original Crash Bandicoot and i've never been dissapointed with them, ever. Same with Rockstar and Gta 2. This okd engine thing however does worry me. Unlike fanboys on this site I am still wary of what actions my favourite developers make and I will call them out on it if it is wrong. I believe ND should make a new engine because the PS4 architecture is far easier than the PS3 and CELL
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crxss  +   983d ago
i think a part of the reason why ND is so successful (especially this gen) was their implementation of their current engine for Uncharted 1, 2, 3, and TLOU. during the PS2 era i only bought Jak2 from them. obviously that's not the only reason they're so successful this gen (story, gameplay, etc.) but i think it's attributed. i do think that their current engine can last for the next-gen.

if anything COD's proved that you don't need an updated engine to sell games... i hate to use that as an example though since i prefer Battlefield.
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morganfell  +   983d ago
They stated The Last of Us was built with higher resolution textures, models, and more advanced features and was scaled down for the PS3 so it is actually PS4 ready.
Ares84HU  +   983d ago
That's a bummer. They should have made a new engine because the PS4 is much like a PC and the PS3 is not. They have different architectures and the engine they have now is made for the PS3.

Also, it's a new generation. Comon ND, let's not be as lazy as Infinity Ward. You are better than that.
Ju  +   983d ago
What makes you think that they are on "their old" engine. If anything it's probably an indicator how much of a forward thinker ND actually is.
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inveni0  +   983d ago
They have the high-poly assets to do it, but I wonder how hard it will be for them to port from PS3 to PS4. I also wonder if it means The Last of Us will see PS4, or the next Uncharted will see PS3.
Ju  +   983d ago
It just means this engine - considering the low footprint of the PS3 - will run exceptionally well on the PS4.

My best guess is, their "job" based system "will just work" on the PS4. Shaders will probably scale, and plugins (e.g. physics etc) will work transparently. And their virtual memory subsystem sure will run circles with the high bandwidth 8GB GDDR5 pool of memory.

Really, it just shows that their engine was already designed to scale forward.
Awesome_Gamer  +   982d ago
@seanpitt23: Naughty Dog and Rockstar are my favourites too.
codename13  +   983d ago
Me too also think its OK for them. Because its not that they are like COD devs where you're using same engine but do a very little improvement year after year.
Irishguy95  +   983d ago
Yeah, they've improved so much after Uncharted 2.
FamilyGuy  +   983d ago
They already make their games incredible on this engine and scale back so it works on the PS3. All this means is they won't have to scale back as much, they'll be able to add new features only possible on next gen hardware and it won't take them forever to get a new, great looking and playing game running as they won't be starting from scratch.

I completely trust NG and support their plan. All this means is we won't have to wait as long for a PS4 title. The Last of Us already looks like it's creeping towards next gen, graphics wise. It's like a mid-gen game.
Arai  +   983d ago
Uncharted 2 & 3 debut trailer still gives me chills...
When a game does that, then you know you're doing something right.

Fun fact: Naughty Dog is home to ICE Team, Mark Cerny is part of ICE.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   983d ago
Explains alot. Greatness teaching greatness which results in greatness.
they could make an adaptation of twilight and i would still trust my 60$ with it
JBaby343  +   983d ago
LOL that's hilarious. Thank you for that.

OT: Naughty Dog have yet to disappoint me and have completely earned my trust. Whatever they do I will be eagerly looking forward to it. I wonder if there will be any hiccups they hit in porting their engine over since the PS4 seems to be completely different than the PS3 in architecture.
GameCents  +   983d ago
Well that's kinda sheep-ish. Don't wanna hear you people complain about lazy devs after this diplay of blind following.
nukeitall  +   983d ago
I know.

For the longest time all I heard was CoD uses old engine this, old engine that. They are all sequels.

Then all of a sudden 2 sequels, a spin-off and same engine it is, I trust them!


That said I agree with ND, a new engine isn't needed every single time. It is crafting the right experience wether it is in gameplay, story, mood, artwork or even graphics.

When I play it is in the overall feel, not just a single particular thing.
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Skips  +   983d ago

LMFAO! @ comparing COD to Uncharted and TLOU! XD

ND strive to push their engine as far as they can with each installment.

The COD engine hasn't done jack since COD4, and Activision has been using the same freakin engine since QUAKE!

Huge difference between them and ND kiddo. lol!
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BeZdaBest   983d ago | Spam
Jaqen_Hghar  +   983d ago
Until they make a bad game a man doesn't see how they couldn't be trusted.
kneon  +   983d ago

Clearly you are not a programmer and know nothing about computers.

Just because the engine is the same has nothing to do with backwards compatibility. The engine will need porting, likely some redesign and of course recompilation before it can work on the PS4.

Their current engine is designed for a multiprocessor environment, on the PS3 that meant using the SPUs, on the ps4 that means using the extra CPU cores as well as executing code on the GPU.

If the engine is well designed then it should be able to easily scale up to make use of the additional execution resources and memory. Of course it will need work to optimize it for the platform but that doesn't mean we won't see a significant jump in quality right from the start.
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MikeMyers  +   983d ago
It was bound to happen, people will be far more lenient to things they like. We've seen it all the time with the double standards.

The bottom line is as long as the game is good that's all that really matters. Of course they will take advantage of the PS4's better hardware.
Salooh  +   983d ago
Didn't you read the comments here ?. The situation here isn't the same. TLOU is already made on ps4 spec but scaled down to ps3. It's like watch dogs or battlefield 4 scaled down for current generation. So if you complain about this then complain about these games too. All developers doing this now. However, NaughtyDog show big difference not just a little upgrade in graphics. The engine they are using is for Next generation not like COD, COD using a ps2 engine that only been upgraded a little bit. Just play the last of us and you will see why we trust ND..
InTheLab  +   983d ago
I'd agree but Uncharted (and probably the Last of Us) are genre leaders in graphics and physics. These are the people that gave you the best water physics on consoles 6 years ago with Uncharted. The did it again with the snow in Uncharted 2. They did it again with the sand and weather in Uncharted 3. There's no other games out there that are as technically impressive as the Uncharted franchise...on consoles, at least.

It's not a display of blind following. They've already put in the work. It's not like Treyarch or IW reusing whole assets and maps from previous titles. Or how there is very little progress game to game. How many lazy devs can match what ND has this gen?
MikeMyers  +   982d ago

"The situation here isn't the same. TLOU is already made on ps4 spec but scaled down to ps3."

Then why is there no PS4 release?

"The engine they are using is for Next generation not like COD, COD using a ps2 engine that only been upgraded a little bit."

Lol, sure.
j-blaze  +   983d ago
they're just too lazy, while devs like Capcom, Quantic Dream, KojimaPro and SE already have their next gen gaming engines ready...ND will still be using the same old engine lol
Skips  +   983d ago
And they'd still make better games using last gen engines than Capcom and SE. lol!

Hell, Kojima probably learned a thing or two from Naughty Dog! XD

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TomOfAllTrades  +   983d ago
You plain stupid...
ltachiUchiha  +   983d ago

I agree mate, when a developer like kojima comes to your studio for answers about the AI in the last of us, u know that your a great dev. That is why MGS5 will be badazz. The Last Of Us will be special, just wait until they show the multiplayer. I bet it will blow ppl away. Not like were already not blown away from the amazing single player mode. =]
THE-COMMANDER  +   983d ago
I trust ND too, and it's not a blind trust.
Their work proves.

And if you take a closer look of what Bruce Straley said:

"There was a lot of hype over what next-gen was going to be. It was all going to be like movies, like a pre-rendered cutscene-style fidelity.

( what he mean with next-gen is the current generation (PS3) )

And then he added:

"That turned out not to be true. Granted, what we're able to do now is pretty damn close, but it took Naughty Dog four games to get there - one of the top developers in the industry with some on the most amazing scientists working in our programming department."

It's pretty obvious here that their engine they are using is already powerful enough to be used for next-gen ( PS4 ) as they were designing the engine with the thought in mind of "It was all going to be like movies, like a pre-rendered cutscene-style fidelity".

I do trust ND, and i can't wait to see their next game on PS4.
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Aceman18  +   983d ago
i wonder if the people here who are saying they are a bit disappointed realize that Killzone SF is running on a modified KZ 2/3 engine? Shadow Fall is looking pretty damn good in my book so i'm not really worried about ND make their first PS4 look damn fine.

plus there's a major difference between going from PS2 to PS3 SD>HD than PS3 to PS4 HD>HD.

also Frostbite 3 is a modified Frostbite 2 engine and the new battlefield looked stunning in my eyes.
Kyanu  +   983d ago
Thx for the information. I was wondering right after this news what engine guerilla games are using for KZ: Shadow Fall.

Maybe Naughty Dog should have first show some footage from their nextgen title and then say which engine they used.
Aceman18  +   983d ago

np, and don't worry i have this feeling ND will be at E3 to show off their new project for PS4.

also i believe QD new engine for Beyond Two Souls will be scalable to the PS4 also are we going to complain that they should make a new engine for the system?
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majiebeast  +   983d ago
Lets not forget the ICE is also also inside ND studios. They could easily be working on a new engine while Naughty dog focuses on games.
Iceman_Nightmare  +   983d ago
All Naughty Dog games will turn out good, even if they make a game with Activision or EA..
ijust2good  +   982d ago
Yeh and if it was COD devs everyone comes to hate on it despite allot of you's go and buy COD ever year.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   982d ago
AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! The same people who cry about COD's engine are not caring much here. Pretty funny.
titletownrelo  +   982d ago
dude, every article I go to, your getting 80+ likes.
bubble up for you my fellow Playstation Gamer. XD

pain777pas  +   982d ago
Everyone should really relax because ND in all honesty is the best in the business and even IF they don't have the "technically" most visually impressive game they will probably have one of the most visually appealing game. They HAVE NOT made not even one bad game. NOT EVEN ONE bad game. They are the best IMHO. I don't know what they really have to do better but just compete with themselves or challenge themselves with an action RPG or something. I HAVE NO DOUBTS in this developer not even one. They have ALWAYS delivered.
showtimefolks  +   982d ago
ND,RS,Bungie,Dice,Cd Project

when these developers say something they know what they are talking about, now the better questions is will we see ND announce something at E3? or wait a bit since they want as much attention on Last of Us?

BTW just played LOU and everyone who was saying its just gonna be like UC, damn such a great demo can't wait to play the complete game

when there is a clicker around its scary shit since you know its one hit kill lol
jcnba28  +   980d ago
Of course you trust them sony fanboy lol
yewles1  +   983d ago
How stupid. It wasn't a mistake to make a new engine for PS3, they were forced to learn C/C++ because GOOL and GOAL wouldn't work like it did on the PS1 and PS2 respectively. Now they don't have to worry about different languages this time.
The_Infected  +   983d ago
C'mon their programmers are some of the best scientist. They know exactly what they're doing.
GribbleGrunger  +   983d ago
Yewles1, I agree. It's clear from their track record that ND don't know what they're doing ...

Something tells me this will become a popular thread in the next couple of hours. Then when ND show they're PS4 games, many faces will be wearing egg.
#2.2 (Edited 983d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
rainslacker  +   982d ago
It's pretty apparent from the first thread, that neither the people that are OK with it, or the people who aren't have any idea what it means, or what they even have to do to get it to work on new architecture.

In ND case, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and just change the assemblers to write the appropriate code.

Since most of the backbone stuff will work the same way, and is likely written in C/C++ to begin with, all that has to change is the assembly language that may be tied directly to the CELL processes, or PS3 specific hardware.

There's no real reason to rewrite all the frameworks or software environment of the game engine if it suits their needs.
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TrevorPhillips  +   983d ago
I trust Naughty Gods no matter what, they are an excellent company!
GoldenElf  +   983d ago
Who the hell cares? If they can make a good game using their existing stuff, good for them. Engines don't matter, the gameplay is what's important.
OrangePowerz  +   983d ago
Having a new engine for PS3 wasn't really a mistake given the jump into HD, better AI, physics and so on. I don't think they could have achieved what they did with Uncharted if they used the PS2 engine.

Wonder how the engine will work on the PS4 given it is fully optimized for the cell with ovloading a lot of the tasks to the extra units.
MikeyDucati1  +   983d ago
Are you kidding me? The same engine? People are making excuses for their beloved ND. First it's about graphics and they don't care because gameplay is important. Bologna sandwiches.
kevinsheeks  +   983d ago
I kind of get what your saying but they do make decent games so i guess for them it can sort of slide

but yeah I can name a few companies that would get chewed out for this very same action
tehpees3  +   983d ago
Completely agree! The double standard going on here is stupid. Wii U uses existing engines and its under-powered, outdated and weak. PS4 uses existing engines and because they work for Sony in Naughty Dog we trust.

People kept preaching "NEW GEN = NEW ENGINES!" since Wii U was announced. What happened to that?
Gimmemorebubblez  +   983d ago
That's because the WiiU is Nintendo's 1st HD console. They shouldn't be using engines from the SD era. The Ps4 is Sony's 2nd HD console and can thereby utilise high powered graphics engines of the Ps3, if the Ps4 was 4k then I would agree but the Ps4 is continuation of the Ps3's HD while Nintendo's WiiU is a represents a massive jump from the Wii.
sway_z  +   983d ago
Last of Us engine was made to be scalable....

I am sure ND knew all about PS4 whilst developing TLOU.
GamerzElite  +   983d ago
If "New Gen = New Engines" then why peoples are crying about BC?
MysticStrummer  +   983d ago
Who said WiiU was underpowered because it uses existing engines? It's underpowered because it's "next gen" yet is comparable in power to last gen.

If Sony was working on PS4 as long ago as we've read (2007), there's no reason why Naughty Dog couldn't have been aware what the general plan was and made their engine scaleable.

The weird part to me is that PS3 and PS4 have such different architecture, yet can use the same engine.
#6.2.4 (Edited 983d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
its_JEFF  +   983d ago

The only problem with your argument is that we've seen those Wii U games, do they look significantly better? We've seen the newly "upgraded" COD engine, does it look that much more amazing?

Do people give COD the solder for just upgrading their old engine? No, do you know why? COD has basically had the same engine for years and years now, it looks okay but nothing spectacular. What are the games ND has produced? Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us. How do they look? Really good!

I think people are giving ND the past based on past performance, is that wrong? Has their past game not continue to look better and better?
zebramocha  +   983d ago
For people who doubt ND,not the best footage but they pulled this of on the ps3.good character models,nice animations and lighting.
#6.3 (Edited 983d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MikeyDucati1  +   983d ago
Yea an old engine on PS3. I'm still not impressed. For the architecture that PS4 has, they could at least generate a new engine. But hey, it saves them money for more profit. If they were really about the fans, they would generate a new engine. But nooooo, they are going the COD route.

And I still say the same. Any other dev would have gotten downright pooped on for saying such blasphemous words. Now people are practically giving them a pass and doing what you doing...showing current gen tech that "look's amazing". We could do better
#6.3.2 (Edited 983d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(15) | Report
joeorc  +   983d ago
"Yea an old engine on PS3. I'm still not impressed. For the architecture that PS4 has, they could at least generate a new engine. But hey, it saves them money for more profit. If they were really about the fans, they would generate a new engine. But nooooo, they are going the COD route."

really? there is people even asking this? Ok let me ask you Question? what are Game'S developed on? are they designed on the console? or a PC with SDK tool chains loaded on?

why the hell would ND have to change an ENTIRE Engine right now if the PS4 is using the exact same freaking engine that the PC'S with the SDK'S ARE ON? YOU DO NOT CHANGE THE ENGINE YOU ADD TOOL CHAINS, MIDDILEWARE TO IT THAT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ITS HARDWARE!

Better yet just because they are using the same engine does not mean they do not have very specifically made tool chain API's made just for the PS4...

you and other's do know Mark Cerny is one of the people there, that helps make tool's for the games going into the PS3 AND NOW THE PS4!

think about that for a sec, the PS3's hardware was hard to develop for , but yet ND had tool's made for the PS3 that no one else made for the PS3 , and the games shown that, do you really think ND is not going to do the same for the PS4?

Have you even listened to Cerny in interviews about why he does this? Cerny even has a freaking development method named after him! and you and other's really think he's not going to push the hardware of the PS4, to see what it can do?
#6.3.3 (Edited 983d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
OrangePowerz  +   983d ago
Well let's be fair if you compare Uncharted 1 with the sequels they made a huge jump in graphics. So if they can further tweak and improve and get the same results as other devs that use a new engine why not?

It's not like CoD that is using an Engine that's from the stone age of gaming. Other devs like Dice dont have a new engine either, because Frostbite 3.0 is an improved version of the previous one.
KrystofKage  +   983d ago
You haven't read the article, and I doubt you know shit about programming.

Same engine? Yes, as the article says, to keep the great AI and rendering system intact. That wouldn't change next gen at this stage regardless. As for pumping more power into it, that will get a major overhaul.

Dumping the engine and starting from scratch would be pointless, considering what they've accomplished. The Unreal Engines are never new engines, they are upgrades to the previous iteration. And it's one of the best game engines at this time.
rainslacker  +   982d ago
Is someone mad that ND PS4 games on their "old" engine will still look better than PS4 COD games on their "new" engine?

Can I get you your blankie?
onyoursistersback  +   982d ago
"go on, eat your bologna sandwich"
#6.7 (Edited 982d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MikeyDucati1  +   979d ago
One post sparks it all. I'm glad to have been the catalyst for the talks. But ease up on trying to insult me. I do not appreciate such childish efforts. Explain the matter, but the bashing my head against the wall will have me respond to you in kind. How can you know all about the technical but fail in the social aspect? Hmmm, interesting.

@rainslacker don't be an idiot. I'm no kid for one. And I'm not a COD fan.

And I don't care who you are (you bandwagon hoppers). The same existing engine is just terrible. Cause another dev can showcase their engine on the new game and it would look better. Last gen tech engine on a new gen console, that's terrible. I don't care who you are
#6.8 (Edited 979d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
M-M  +   983d ago
It's probably about time and how long it would take to make a new engine. They're able to push amazing graphics on a 7 year old console, so bringing it over to the PS4 would mean increasing the boundaries that were limited by the PS3's hardware.
Kinger8938  +   983d ago
Its not like they need a new engine from what ive played and seen from them they know what they are doing, whereas people will say a game like cod would benefit from an actual new engine as it looks rather dated now, naughty dogs engine still looks ahead of the curve imo
PCGamingNoobs  +   983d ago
the engine still looks like one of the best around so why not, just on the ps4 they can pop it ot 1080p and 60fps. no need for a new engine for a few years yet from these guys.
colonel179  +   983d ago
I don't think this is good news. Granted, I know nothing about programming, but if everyone is saying that developing for PS4 is too easy, then why not make a new engine to raise the bar like they did with Uncharted?

I am not sure what this would mean for a new game from Naughty Dog and what would it end up being. Feels like what they are saying is that a new game from them will be always stuck as a cross-generational game, and that's never good. While it might impress at the beginning, just look at Resistance or even Heavenly Sword (while still looks good, is nothing as great by today's standards)

Hopefully that will only be for their first game which probably will be Uncharted 4, and then they do get to do a better engine to let us know how they can squeeze PS4 power like they did with The Last of Us.
CaEsAr-  +   983d ago
I don't know about programming too. But one thing I'm sure of is that making a new engine is going to take a lot of time.
Bakkies  +   983d ago
I believe the Uncharted engine is a well oiled machine, yet an engine optimized for the cell cores is foreign to the x86 architecture PS4 will use. So essentially they'll have to reprogram the core of the engine. That core will hopefully suck all the power out of the hardware.

But the leap from the PS2 to the PS3 was much greater than from PS3 to PS4. So I personally don't remotely expect a jump graphically like with, for instance, Ridge Racer 5/Summoner to Motorstorm/Heavenly Sword.
Zool 08  +   983d ago
@ Colonel, It takes time at least a couple of years to develop a new game engine and cost a lot of money and then getting the engine to run on a new or different console that's also going to be difficult in spite of it having a better processor or RAM because if the engine fails then they're going to have to start again, then you have to create a game and that's going take time and cost a lot of money.

In Naughty Dogs case it makes more sense for them to use the existing engine that actually works perfectly for them for at least a few more years to come and concentrate on making great games in less time without any unnecessary distractions on creating a new engine and can use the existing one to optimize on the PS4 instead.
#10.3 (Edited 983d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Mookie  +   983d ago
And still not letting other devs use the engine
WeAreLegion  +   983d ago
Like who?

Santa Monica?
San Diego?
Quantic Dream?
Media Molecule?
Sucker Punch?

They've all built insane engines, too.
RandomDude655  +   983d ago
Just found this about their ps2 engine:

Seems like ps4 will be a better transition for the Naughty Gods

1. GOAL sucks! While it's true that GOAL gave us many advantages, GOAL caused us a lot of grief. A single programmer (who could easily be one of the top ten Lisp programmers in the world) wrote GOAL. While he called his Lisp techniques and programming practices "revolutionary," others referred to them as "code encryption," since only he could understand them. Because of this, all of the support, bug fixes, feature enhancements, and optimizations had to come from one person, creating quite a bottleneck. Also, it took over a year to develop the compiler, during which time the other programmers had to make do with missing features, odd quirks, and numerous bugs.
#12 (Edited 983d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
yewles1  +   983d ago
That "single programmer" was Andy Gavin, co-founder of Naughty Dog.
Zool 08  +   983d ago
In ND we trust
Wizziokid  +   983d ago
It's ND so I have faith
CBaoth  +   983d ago
Like Insomniac?
Remember how they ruled the roost on PS2? Then in the effort to save time for the PS3 launch, they decided to port over their PS2 engine. Worked great for a couple games (Resistance and R&C), after that not so much. Console gamers chose flash over substance, and Insomniac were forced to re-think the higher graphical fidelity versus framerate argument.

A poster on Reddit recently asked Ted Price about returning to 60FPS in the next gen 5/11/2013:

"Very good question. I frankly don't know if we'll go back to 60fps. It has its pluses and minuses. It seems like our fans have been pretty happy with Resistance, the new Ratchets and Fuse at 30fps - we can certainly do more on screen at that frame rate..."

Seems they've been playing catch up ever since R2. As much as I like ND, the future is an unknown commodity. I hope for the best too but....
windblowsagain  +   983d ago
I think most people would like a new engine.

I Suppose it depends on how much they can add to it.


The engine would allow for any textures they would like quality wise, cleaner everything, 1080p, more anim, physics.

The jump from PS2 to PS3 engine change was needed.
andreasx  +   983d ago
Seeing how amazing TLOU looks i really dont care if they dont make a next gen engine, because i know ND will blow us away anyway
koston3647  +   983d ago
No worries here.
WeAreLegion  +   983d ago
Some engines are fine-tuned for years and years. If the engine is versatile enough for quality PS4 games, that works for me.
noorbert  +   983d ago
I would expect ND to push boundaries as much as possible. But if next Uncharted can stand proudly next to UE4 games,then i dont care. But if Sony's best studio is getting lazy, its never good thing. I just dont see how they can stay on top visualy if they will be using old engine.
Caffo01  +   983d ago
I love ND, they're my favourite devs.
With that said, i'm a little disappointed :/
BabyTownFrolics  +   982d ago
this is the most reasonable and unbiased comment on this thread
Kennytaur  +   983d ago
They update it for every single game they make, so I'm sure it'll be fine. And having a familiar work environment will only help development.
Drainage  +   983d ago
but COD is doing the same as people shit on them for it
SlavisH2  +   982d ago
N4G, nuff said. If it involves sony it gets a pass. I hope these people know there is a different world outside this website. I like ND to be honest. I am still disappointed. Im sure they will make a new engine during the ps4 life cycle
strigoi814  +   983d ago
I trust them..but still in the back of my head in time i know they will somehow find a way to try another set of engine to be more stellar
madjedi  +   983d ago
Is it unsurprising that alot of previous gen engines would carry over to the next gen initially, i would think 2-4 yrs into the gen, you would see alot of engines being overhauled/revamped.

Cod Ghosts is still using the same engine, sorry considering nd has consistently raised the bar with each of their releases, i'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

If anyone needs a new engine with the generation transition it's cod and a new one for bethesda wouldn't hurt.
Voiceofsoi  +   983d ago
If it were any other dev, I'd be worried. It'll be a sad, sad day when Naughty Dog releases a game that isn't impressive. Everyone already expects so much of them.
0pie  +   983d ago
i prefer naughty dog engine than Call of duty engine who once run game like quake 3....
GameCents  +   983d ago

Related image(s)
stage88  +   983d ago
Great news! Can't wait for their PS4 game.
sway_z  +   983d ago
People are asking how the PS4 can use PS3 developed engines if the architecture is so different...?

In layman terms..

Games are initially programmed on PC's and the code is compiled and then converted to run using the host hardware's development tools. So, it begins with a PC & powerful workstations.

ND only need return to the raw code libraries and by-pass the conversion process to PS3 and tune to the PS4.

It's not as simple as I have explained it, but you get the gist.

AS for COD Ghosts....Activision have recycled the same engine for over 9 years in spite of mass profits. I don't think it's fair to compare ND to Activision.

#29 (Edited 983d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TurboGamer  +   983d ago
There is only one problem with this. The PS3 and PS4 architectures are completely different and at this point the engine is so optimized for the PS3's architecture (they even uses asm for the CELL) that it would take a major rewrite of the engines code to work on the PS4. This could result in non-optimal and very messy code(lots of bugs!). Porting a engine made for the CELL processor to a x86 processor is a bad idea.
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