Starlight's full trailer lights up, space combat coming to the Vita

After a tease last week, here's the full Starlight Inception trailer showing off Escape Hatch's Kickstarted game for the first time. We've go fleets, planets, fighters, tailfire, lasers, space stations, surface skimming action, explosions and everything else you'd want in a space combat game.

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GribbleGrunger1572d ago

Another nice addition to the Vita library.

sherimae24131572d ago

now if sony would make a starhawk/warhawk game for vita it would be very cool ^_^

sherimae24131572d ago

a space combat sim game, like it ^_^

izumo_lee1572d ago

I have always hoped for a reboot of Colony Wars or a new game in the series but that dream is unlikely. Hopefully this game can fill that void in my soul.

core_51572d ago

this game coming also to ps3

strigoi8141572d ago

Sweet gonna be a eye candy for that LED display

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