Best Games to Buy in June 2013

Unigamesity writes: "Usually, summer months are not that great in terms of new videogame releases, but June 2013 seems to be an exception as we have quite a bunch of games that should be considered “must play” this month. Of course, the choice is all yours, but I did dig deep through this month’s releases and I am here to share with you the best games to buy in June 2013."

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SOD_Delta2026d ago

The Last of Us is the only one I'll be getting in June.

TheBossMan2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I assume the article picture is from Remember Me, then? Why people post pictures and then don't have them in the actual articles themselves is absolutely baffling to me. Don't be that guy. This isn't just frustration at YouTube videos with misleading thumbnails, but in all honesty due to genuine anger when I'm trying to see something in more detail and then go to the page to find it MIA.

Oh, yeah, and calling the game a "hot contender for the Game of the Year award" when he clearly hasn't even played it ("sounds insanely fun") is absurd.

Relientk772025d ago

I'm getting The Last of Us

and I got my eye on Remember Me, wanna see how that does

R6ex2025d ago

Same here. I'm getting the PC version of Remember Me.

ApolloTheBoss2025d ago

I have NEVER heard of that Dark game until now.

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