Resident Evil: Revelations review | Thunderbolt

Richard Wakeling, Thunderbolt writes:
The SS Queen Zenobia is a peculiar location for a modern Resident Evil game. Tight, claustrophobic corridors line the confines of this desolate vessel. Stranded at sea with no communication with the outside world, those aboard are trapped, alone and with no means of escape. Letters and documents are strewn throughout the ship’s vast interior, from the bridge through to its glorious casino and the depths of its hull. They tell tales of crewmates living their last days and of conspiracy theories surrounding the mysterious circumstances of this empty ghost ship. Doors are unlocked with keys shaped like tridents and anchors, while single enemies are enough to trouble your ever depleting ammo count. It’s distinctly Resident Evil, but a variation we haven’t seen in a long, long time.

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