Company Of Heroes 2 Interview: Cris Velasco On Sega, THQ, Soundtrack Release

Gaming Blend "We're back for round two with the mind behind many well respected soundtracks to come out of this generation of gaming. Yes, part of the composing team behind Mass Effect 2, the composer from ZombiU, Borderlands 2 and Company of Heroes has more to share about his experience in the gaming industry and crafting instrumental sounds for the games you've grown to admire and love."

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ThanatosDMC1999d ago

I'm still on the fence about this game. I'm not sure if it's going to be good as the original with it's expansions.

TechnicianTed1999d ago

Why? Relic have delivered with sequels before, I see no reason why they can't now.

ThanatosDMC1999d ago

Main guy died in a car accident. Not to mention the forums is riddled with complaints.