PDP will make officially licensed Xbox One accessories

Videogame peripheral manufacturer Performance Designed Products announced that they have a license agreement with Microsoft to make officially licensed Xbox One accessories.

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Mr_Nuts1785d ago

Cool....hopefully they will make a Kinect lens cap and some Kinect ear muffs so it wont spy on us

cyguration1785d ago

Those would be useful...especially during those lonely nights when nothing is on and you want to play with your other accessories.

DarkBlood1785d ago

i got to hunt the rest of the colours systems down for my collection lol

Relientk771785d ago

The colored N64s and controllers are so expensive :-( they're sooo cool though lol

DarkBlood1785d ago

i could of nailed a green one by it self for 30 bucks but i wasnt sure at the time lol thats my damn fault though

Eyesoffiction1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

lol, they think they will be cool as the N64.

killasder1785d ago

Cover lens 4 kinect plz

sway_z1785d ago

With Kinect 2.0 taking more control than ever, will these companies make money on XB1 products?

Extra pad maybe?

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