New Screenshots of PS3 Exclusive - Wardevil Unleash the Beast Within

A couple new screenshots have been released for Digi-guys upcoming PS3 exclusive Wardevil. The game in a technical sense is amazing running at 1080p 60fps, and keeping high res textures.

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heyheyhey3802d ago

that's some cool weapon he's sporting

bluegoblin3802d ago

those weapons have a lot of potential.However i need more info on this game for to really call my attention.Anyhow another game to the PS3 library =D

Lifendz3802d ago

This game can run at 60 fps on PS3, COD4 can run at 60fps on PS3, and Burnout is 60 fps on PS3 yet Madden isn't? I hope they get it right for 2009.

bluegoblin3802d ago

many games run at 60fps on the ps3, but i'll tell you the reason madden doesnt its called EA ;D

gaffyh3802d ago

@1.3 yeah it's because of EA they are very lazy and usually port from 360 to PS3 so it won't work. Burnout on the other hand (which is published by EA, but made by Criterion) was made on PS3 and optimized for it first, then it was ported to 360.

Also both versions of COD4 were made from the ground up on each console (i.e. were not ported) which is why it is also 60fps.

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demolitionX3802d ago

we need ingame screenshots!

heyheyhey3802d ago

the ones under the new ones are supposed to be in-game

doodle3802d ago

are ALL ingame

I know these are just too realistic when compared to a 360 game

LinuxGuru3802d ago

Is it me, or are those screenshots so 3 days ago?

BilI Gates3802d ago

NoUseMercenary posted the new screen shots a few days ago. Leave the updates to him, it's his website. Epic fail.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

Harry1903802d ago

you're a copycat.
wardevil looks great.

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The story is too old to be commented.