Xbox One system development started after PS4/Wii U, how it does and doesn't show

Gimme Gimme Games writes about how the PS4 and Wii U had console development start earlier than the Xbox One's development, going by a recent statement by Microsoft that said development started on Xbox One back in 2010. They write about the areas where the Xbox One could have benefited from more time in development and areas where it is doing fine despite the shorter development time.

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aceitman1972d ago

lol he said late 2010 ouch , they are going to rush this out like the 360 , even if I was going to get one I would wait a year to see how things turn out with a red ring of death episode on xbox one .

mrbojingles1972d ago

I hope it doesn't have a similar situation like the RRoD with overheating. Half the darn console is a vent!

imahustla191971d ago

i doubt overheating will be an issue,they learned that lesson.but the big problem they have now is their development tools are nowhere near as advanced as Sonys are at this point. thats alotta extra time to work on building development tools.

Narutone661972d ago

Maybe they treated the XB1 as lesson learned from the 360 fiasco. That's one of the reasons why it is less powerful than the PS4. But we still won't know until it is up for sale.

Dlacy13g1972d ago

The difference of designing a console starting in 2010 vs 2007 is interesting if you think about it. Sony and Nintendo both had longer dev cycles and out of that we got the WiiU iwth 2GB of RAM and Sony (save for a last minute change to match MS) had 4GB of RAM, MS was 8GB of RAM. The later start gave MS a bit more insight into what the really needed under the hood for this gen.

GamersRulz1972d ago

Sony started in 2007 and ended up with same amount of better, faster RAM. So, what is your point?

Foliage1971d ago

In fact, Sony's console is better in every single technical aspect. I also do not understand the point attempted here.

The GPU is at least 50% better; the RAM is not even a fair competition (it's GDDR; xbox can't touch that with DDR). The CPU in both are fairly even; but the PS4 will be handled better, due to the rest of the specs.

Sorry Dlacy; but what the heck are you talking about?

MysticStrummer1972d ago

"The later start gave MS a bit more insight into what the really needed under the hood for this gen."

More insight led to weaker specs?

Dlacy13g1971d ago

If it hadn't been for MS putting 8GB in the Xbox One Sony was going to be content with 4GB of RAM. Would you have been so excited with just 4GB for the PS4? I think not.

Foliage1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )


Your point is still incredibly invalid.

Heck, GDDR5 is a NEWER technology than DDR3; so again, your point is completely off the mark. DDR3 would have been around before the PS4 ideas even touched the drawing board.

So you are trying to say that Microsoft benefited from starting 3 years late; because they were able to use RAM that was available 4 years prior? Compared to Sony now utilizing RAM that is better in nearly every way and was not available when the PS4 began development?

What? Huh?

Seriously, what the heck? It might be best for you to walk away from the keyboard and clear your mind. Something is definitely wrong with your current train of thought.

MysticStrummer1971d ago

@Diacy13g - I see. Sony didn't design PS4 based on developer input at all, they just waited to hear rumors about 720 and then designed PS4 based on them, even though they were working on the PS4 long before rumors about 720 could have possibly existed. It all makes sense to me now. /s

ChickeyCantor1971d ago

"Heck, GDDR5 is a NEWER technology than DDR3; "

Meant as video memory. Can someone show any evidence where Sony said GDDR5?

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waltercross1971d ago

@ Dlacy13g

The PS4 uses 8GB GDDR5, Thats far superior than 8GB DDR, so Sony never Matched MS, they passed them.

Triforce0791971d ago

Everyone is holding onto RAM when its more to do with gpu bandwidth ram and cache and Nintendo's 1st and exclusive 3rd party games will show you graphics and game worlds like X much bigger and better than any game on current HD consoles and will easy equal ps4 and defo xbox1,only 3rd party games where devs/pubs invest more money in xbox1/ps4 will be better than wiiu,also there is something called compression and you can compress textures by x10 with nextgen havok so who cares half a gig used on textures is turned into 5gig so it's not RAM that's the botteneck but cache and gpu bandwidth ram ect and this is where the wiiu triumph's.

waltercross1971d ago

@ Triforce079

According to Developers they prefer memory/RAM over anything else.

Jdoki1971d ago

The original PS4 spec was for 2GB GDDR5 RAM, but as they designed the mobo around having 4 sockets of GDDR5 (4x512MB originally) they knew that as prices dropped for the higher capacity modules they could upgrade without having to re-engineer anything at all.

Fortunately for us gamers it became cost effective for Sony to upgrade to 4GB then 8GB. Whether that was as a direct result of MS' announcement or not doesn't matter (and if it didn't make financial sense then they wouldn't have) - it's the fact that Sony had the foresight in their engineering to be able to do this without problems is the most telling point.

MS had to target 8GB due to the overhead of the three OS setup (which uses 3GB of RAM).

DevilishSix1971d ago

Exactly and the specs represent the fact that Sony is a hardware manufacturer and MS is not. Because Sony manufacturers their own gaming hardware they have better insight by default alone. The PS4 specs are much more impressive then the daily check in TVbox DRM One.

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Godmars2901972d ago

Considering that the WiiU comes off being modeled after the PS3/360, it makes more sense. As does the XB1's resemblance to a VCR.

Also shouldn't be too hard to guess that there will be a slim model.

Triforce0791971d ago

WiiU has the most gpu bandwidth ram and the most powerful cache by far,system ram wont make your console more powerful END OF,wait for the games then make your mind up,i know wiiu can equal or surpass xbox1 graphics.

Mkai281971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

But tell me this, do we really know the true XB1 specs? Just like we don't know what Sony's console looks like.. A man can not be judge unless he commits the crime, and when he commits his crime there has to be evidence or a confession. We have neither..

Godmars2901971d ago

What the hell are you even talking about...

Triforce0791965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Yes and the wiiu gpgpu has 40% of unknown specs ?? its already just as powerful as xbox one and with rumours at the very start of wiiu's life about the cpu was a quad core 3.4ghz but cut down to 3 cores and underclocked ?? so with recent rumours that nintendo have made the chips much faster could make the wiiu cpu more powerful by far,and the 800 mhz gpgpu wow beast,and criterion did say the chips were very scalable so comparing spec numbers will not prove who's more powerful ???

WiiU will show some incredible graphics next week and everyone will be super shocked mark my words Nintendo/Retro havn't employed top staff from Crytek,Virgil,Naughty dog,ect ect for nothing so expect some amazing graphics from WiiU very soon then make ur mind up,Sony said ps3 will be 120fps,and have cinematic graphics and run at 1080p and it was all lies so lets let the games do the talking next gen.

But let me say if Nintendo kept their specs underclocked it's still extremely powerful.

NextGen24Gamer1971d ago

The source of this articles information is a video link of something already posted on N4G! Once again, the video isn't talking about the development of the Xbox one but the actual DESIGN of the console started in 2010! People start commenting without readying the posted article!

They had a design team start working on the look of the console back in 2010! And this is News? And worthy of comparison with the Ps4 & the Wii U? LOL...