Rumor: Rainbow Six game coming to Vita

Rainbow Six: Ubisoft could be working in the series for PS Vita. Rainbox Six Patriots would be the game for Vita, not a Ghost Recon one.

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Snookies122026d ago

Oh man, I'd love a Rainbow Six on Vita!

sinncross2026d ago

Rainbow 6 on PSV? sweet!

I would also love Ubisoft to bring over the F2P Ghost Recon Online to the PSV... that would be a killer combo alongside a new AC.

o-Sunny-o2026d ago

More shooters and USA will finally throw in money for Vita. ^~^

a_bro2026d ago

Just as long as its a solid shooter, then I'm cool with this...Don't pull a nihlistic pls kthnx.....

AnotherProGamer2026d ago

Thank god Nihilistic is dead

TheGrimOfDeath2026d ago

Well they are not really dead, they just changed their names and are now killing people with their IOS games.

LOGICWINS2026d ago

RB on Vita? O_0

My emotions are not to be played with!

sherimae24132026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

rumor: far cry game coming to ps vita

how's that? did i played with your emotions, logic-chan ^_^

anyways, its good to know ubi is always supportive in ps vita
i already read this in neogaf...
its also there is another rumor that ac3l will be ported to psn/xbla

will find out in e3

LOGICWINS2026d ago

Far Cry on the Vita would be a technical marvel!

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The story is too old to be commented.