Amazon Prices FIFA 14 for Xbox One at £90. People Believe It.

We're as surprised as you about this one, but one of the current "trending" topics in the UK on Twitter is "FIFA for £90." Our spidey-sense was tingling, so we looked into it further to find that Amazon UK has put a placeholder price on FIFA 14 for Xbox One of a rather unbelievable £89.99. This comes after the news that the company has also priced up the console at a jaw-dropping £599.99.

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Heisenburger1724d ago


It's already plural.

You wouldn't say "Chineses".

Kingthrash3601724d ago may be a grammar fly but this one was funny

elhebbo161724d ago

I noticed, thanks for that Mr. White.

NameRemoved00171724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

But what if the prices are correct. EA discontinues the online pass system then marks up the games. Sounds about right for them.

KMxRetro1724d ago

They would be the same for the 360 edition, which is £40. ;)

supersonicjerry1724d ago

on amazon the PS4 games say $99.99 for watch dogs and some others so yeah

porkChop1724d ago

After all these years people still don't understand the concept of a placeholder?

Kingthrash3601724d ago

anything possible because EA and MS are both known wallet rapists...but I gotta see physical copy to believe.

g-nome1724d ago

Why have it listed at all if they are not sure about the price yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.