Review: Sacred Citadel [Save/Continue]

The Sacred series has been a haven for folks who like top down, action RPG lootfests. Vast worlds to explore, cities and quests aplenty, monsters attacking at every turn. For the latest release in the series, Sacred Citadel, Deep Silver and SouthEnd Interactive are taking a risk with the franchise by creating a side scrolling beat-’em-up as the prequel to the upcoming Sacred 3. The shift from action RPG over to a beat-em-up game would normally be a shocking and off-putting change, but it sure does help matters when the gameplay is enjoyable. It’s just too bad Sacred Citadel is not very memorable.

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Moduserous1787d ago

Deep Silver only conjures memories of Cursed Mountain and how much fun I didn't have with that game.

Bitsnark1786d ago

I'm personally of the opinion that the world needs more side-scrolling brawlers.

This one in particular looks like its pretty good, though not essential.

I'll probably wait for a price drop before I invest however.

joecamnet1786d ago

Yeah, it's for the best. It's a fun game, but the price for everything is just way too high.
Solid Deal of the Week recommendation if it happens.