OnLive (yes they're still alive) wants to give you $1,000...

OnLive has remained relatively quiet since it's unfortunate downfall last August, however, the recent ramp-up of activity and cryptic teases left by OnLive on fan forums hint that they might be planning a comeback. For the past month they've released a steady stream of clips on their official Youtube channel that highlight certain features of the service. Now they want to see what the community can do and are offering prizes of up to $1,000 for the top 3 submissions!

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SilentNegotiator2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Why would they want to give away every dollar they made this year?

Blank2027d ago

Ouch! Right in the bollocks! Hahaha!

zeal0us2028d ago

Why this might attract a few people I doubt it will get attention they're hoping for.

Last time majority of us heard about Onlive was when all the employees got laid off and the company got brought for a measly 4million dollars.

turnerdc2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

True, the company has been through a bit of turmoil the past 10 months. They've been very quite since then. Since they essentially became a new company I'm assuming everything with publishers had to be re-negotiated and an entirely new management staff had to be put in place. They haven't really "relaunched" though but hints on Facebook and the recent ramp-up of activity (Youtube clips, new blog, redesigned home page, etc) point to OnLive might be planning a bit of a comeback. Will they be successful this go around? I'm not sure but I hope they do since I really enjoy the service. Just a quote referring to one of the "hints" I was referencing above:

"Keep an ear out for some announcements in the next two months, followed by more exciting news this fall. We're certain we'll restore your confidence in OnLive and prove to you and others that OnLive is far from dead."

They're an exhibitor at E3. Maybe we'll see some of those "announcements" then. Hopefully they learned from their mistakes!

KillrateOmega2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Sounds like they're getting a little desperate tbh.

Half-Mafia2027d ago

Sony's buyout of Gaikai has pretty much killed OnLive. For one simple reason Sony has all the 3rd party relationships while OnLive has only a few.

Just looking at the website. For new game releases are Witcher 2, Darksider 2 and Sleeping Dogs.

turnerdc2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

True, content is king and until they get their library up then I don't really see this garnering a big audience. Their recent troubles pretty much left them starting an entirely new company so I'm sure the majority of the past 9 months was spent restructuring the company and reworking publisher relations. There's just recently been a ramp up of activity and some teases from OnLive sounds like there'll be some pretty exciting news in the coming months though. In regards to Gaikai, I think they actually pose less of a threat to OnLive now that they're part of Sony. It seems Sony is using Gaikai for 4 main things...cross play (on Sony approved devices), instant demos, reselling of PS3, PS2, and PSX software, and streaming (spectating etc). It's no longer it's own platform but rather acts as a complement to the Playstation ecosystem. What I mean by that is that it's mostly going to be limited to the Playstation platform and maybe select other Sony devices. You're not going to be able to buy a purely cloud version of Watch Dogs for example and then play it on almost any tablet, smartphone, and/or computer (PC or Mac). Gaikai was talking about releasing a stand alone platform much like OnLive but Sony buying them out pretty much eliminated that possibility. Additionally I think people now are more willing to adopt a cloud platform than they were in 2010 when OnLive first launched. Cloud is the buzzword now that gets thrown around and the average connection here in the US has risen to 7.4 Mbps (vice around 4 - 5 Mbps when originally launched) which is over twice the minimum requirement for OnLive. On top of that all new releases on OnLive are $35 - $42 (if you're subscribed to the PlayPack) and given the release of new consoles some people might be hesitant to drop $400 - $500 on a next gen console. I'm sure if OnLive advertises a "next-gen" experience of say Watch Dogs that includes many features that PS4 has (spectating, clip recording, social media sharing, etc) for $35 then that might turn a few heads. Another big advantage is game rental. With talks of DRM on next gen consoles it's somewhat unclear how rentals will work. While I doubt rentals will completely go away, OnLive is a purely digital platform that allows rentals. Like I said in the beginning though, content is king and many things have to go right in order for OnLive to succeed. I don't expect them to be able to stand toe to toe with the likes of the big 3 but if they market this right and garner extensive publisher support then OnLive could enjoy the success Steam has seen.