Why Digital Distribution Is The Future And GameStop Is Not: Taking The Long View On Used Games

Forbes - In the long run, the end of used games and brick-and-mortal retailers will be good for gamers and the video game industry.

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KingKelloggTheWH1726d ago

As games keep getting made they take up more data,currently some games are 50gb,I dont want to download that.

I also like having a real collection,I dont want DD to be the future and many others dont either.

Snookies121726d ago

Yep, I consider the box, artwork, and (the unfortunately dying) manual as part of a whole package. They're a piece of the game as well. I don't get those things without a physical copy. Not to mention I love seeing my collection.

MikeyDucati11725d ago

But don't you have digital downloads already? Don't you use steam? Haven't you downloaded games from Live and Plus? Then you are supporting this movement.

Snookies121725d ago

@MikeyDucati1 - I never said I didn't have digital downloads. Just that I prefer buying physical copies instead.

dcbronco1725d ago

Everyone prefers something else until something new comes along. Once the new thing establishes itself, people soon forget the old thing. There may always be a few holdouts, but most will move on. Plus digital has a lot of advantages over physical. Prices can come down or more likely games will get bigger or better. Hopefully better because they will need to standout more. And BW issues can be fixed in several ways. Early downloads and publishers paying for BW on the purchase. Any IP will look at the number of games being sold and would quickly sign a deal on a batch of downloads. If Sony or MS tells them we will give you 1 dollar or even two on every 25gb+ game downloaded they would jump at it.

I actually believe Microsoft should start their own telecom anyway. Buy space from the major player in a given area for pennies on the dollar(the law in the US requires IPs do do that to increase competition). Other countries might have similar laws. They have Skype and they want Windows and Office to be services. They could have their own space for Live, Office, Azure, Windows, Skype and Outlook. They're always looking foe something to spend their saving on and that would be a good investment considering eventually IPs will charge a fee for things like Netflix and other things with high bandwidth demands.

MikeyDucati11721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )


No that's not what I'm implying. I'm not expressing the most likely cookie cutter forum response, "you have digital downloads in your collection, so your argument is pointless". I'm not saying that but you and I support this movement when we buy digitally. And as those numbers raise, so will the efforts in getting us to solely buy digitally. That's all. My previous post and this one had no ill intent. I just thought that was interesting to point out.

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jc485731726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

you'll be amazed how some people support digital all the way just cause they believe they own the game forever just as long as the console is still active. Why not continue to have both?

colonel1791725d ago

With digital distribution, we will never OWN the games again. They will be rented licenses for a period of time at full price.

Haules1725d ago

@KingKelloggTheWH Well said!

for the 2 a&&s who disagree with you can go **** themselves

Aceman181725d ago

also our infrastructure isn't up to snuff yet so D/D is not 100% in the cards yet until this country can get it up and running from coast to coast.

also i like having physical copies for the box art.

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Majin-vegeta1726d ago

And why the industry will fold and be destroyed if this ever comes to fruition.Not every place has internet,many have a gb limit per month.Not to mention people will only buy games they're familiar with thus closing down many studios that wanna get out their since no one will take a risk and buy an unknown IP.Some of you so called "journalists".Just dont get it do you?

ShaunCameron1725d ago

And not everybody owns a credit card. But at least you can buy those points cards for digital downloads retail.

elhebbo161726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

I hope Sony takes some notes on how Valve does digital sales. dont get me wrong there getting there! but i shouldnt pay $60 for a digital copy of a game.

BrianC62341725d ago

Valve doesn't have to worry about stores selling their stuff. The big problem the hardware companies have is if they upset the stores they might stop selling their consoles and games. That's most likely the reason digital versions of the games cost the same as the disc version. If they could get to where stores don't matter anymore they could drop the price of the games.

elhebbo161725d ago

So hypothetically speaking, Sony would have to drop physical copies completely for this to happen? seems unfair but i get where the retailers are coming from.

nirwanda1725d ago

A good solution would be just to sell the box for the game for a small fee like £3 and then pay for the download, then the box could be used as a preowned trade in with the full game being discounted when you register the box to re download

nirwanda1725d ago

Just to further the box idea, you could trade in the box for no money at all but when it gets scaned at the till it sends a discount of say 25% from a new purchase from the same publisher do they don't lose out.
And the preowned box gets a 50% discount when it get re registered.
This would increase new sales and encourage brand loyalty

strigoi8141725d ago

Digital is good but if i have to pay triple...electricity, internet, and game itself..i will still go with physical copy then

BrianC62341725d ago

It's nice to have a choice though. I've had times where I wanted to buy a certain new game but stores just didn't carry it and Gamestop didn't get it in right away. For those games digital download would be nice. I don't want to download every game though. That could take a huge hard drive.

tweet751725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

until the internet is universal and standard as electricity and toilets in homes this will not be the answer.

PotatoClock1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

It's not the answer, but it is a choice.
The internet will eventually take over though. And we will be debating if streaming games is the future rather than digital downloads.

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