Fuse Review- VGU.TV

In this VGU.TV game review, Corey Cudney reviews Insomniac's newest game, Fuse!

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thirtyandnerdy2028d ago

I wonder if we'll ever get the inside scoop on what went wrong with the development of Fuse, or if Ted Price and Co. will forever remain in denial about having crafted their first very "meh" title. I'm sure many will say that "EA" is what went wrong, but it's gotta be more than that, no?

Ilovetheps42028d ago

I (sadly) agree. I'm a huge Insomniac fan and have loved almost every game they have put out. But something went wrong with this game. As much as I want to say it was EA, there's more to it than just that. But, we'll see what happens. I believe Ted Price said something like this is only the beginning of Fuse. I hope that isn't true. They need to put this behind them and work on some creative games again.

thirtyandnerdy2028d ago

I was one of the people (one of many from what I read) who loved the more-so cartoonish look of Overstrike before they changed everything. That's not to say that Overstrike wouldn't have simply turned out just like Fuse in regards to gameplay, but I dunno, back then it at least looked to have have that Insomniac charm. You're right, they need to put this behind them and move on. Please don't beat us over the heads with something that sadly didn't work out as planned. =/

SOULJER2028d ago

EA man handle them. LIKE: You think were Sony bitch. Now bend over grab ankles. Why you crying. It must of been humiliating. The realization that it's not always greener, on the other side. Understanding that you had it was well, before you partner with EA.