A Hat in Time Kickstarter funded, team needs help making Wii U version a reality

Coming from the Kickstarter page:

A lot of you are asking why we aren't adding Wii U as a stretch goal, and to be honest, we really want to! But unfortunately, despite the Nintendo eShop's ability to self-publish, our game engine does not support Wii U with the license that we have!

That is why we might need help getting the game on other platforms than Windows and Mac! As you can hear, it is quite a rut we're in, but we'll definitely let you know when we are ready to support Wii U! We really want to make it possible during the Kickstarter period! Rest assured that we'll do everything to get on the Wii U!

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gamer421875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Really, hope this makes it to the eshop looks REALLY fun

Eyesoffiction1875d ago

Hoping to see this on wii u.

3-4-51875d ago

Yea this reminds me of Mario 64 + Banjo + WW