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PS4, Xbox One and Wii U: Next-Gen is the Same Old, Same Old

Gi - The seventh generation of consoles was similar to an intense game of Monopoly. It was a game that spanned hours, well into the night with one person seemingly holding all the property with multiple hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place. Dad is deep in debt and down to his shirt and old man garters, Mom is drinking trying to forget where her looks went and how her life got to this point, and right when little brother is about to win, you flip over the board knocking everything to the floor. It is a game that ends in bitterness and tears. No one really wins, but everyone feels like they accomplished something even if it was only resenting each other. It is time to gather the family together again and prepare for another game of acrimony. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

MNGamer-N  +   608d ago
If you buy a console at launch, consider yourself a beta-tester for that system. They each will have their own share of issues, upgrades, bug fixes etc. Just the way it is.
BadboyCivic  +   608d ago
Best PS3 was the 60G, which was at launch. Worst Xbox was the first
Army_of_Darkness  +   608d ago
I don't know about the same ol same cause xbone seems to be going way of the casuals than gamers... Sony's PS4 on the other hand is definitely doing the same ol same;-) just without the difficulty to program for part:-)
mikeslemonade  +   608d ago
I refuse to read arcticles that say Wii U is next generation. *Next article..*
ginsunuva  +   608d ago
No best ps3 was 2007's 80gb right before BC ended.
starchild  +   608d ago
Yeah, 80gb ps3 is the one I got. I love it but the gpu went bad and now I need to fix it. Does anybody know a good place to get them fixed?

Anyway, my 360 and ps3 both died and this makes me think about just staying with my pc for the first year. But I really want to get a ps4 so I'll probably just give in and get one at launch.
LOL_WUT  +   608d ago
I have the 60gb it still works and everything but early this year the laser failed on me. I'm not even going to fix it instead i'm going to buy a wii U. ;)
seanpitt23  +   607d ago
I bought My ps3 80G 3 months after launch and it lasted me 2 years it YLOD so I went to fix it cost 50 squids and got it back home then the bloody laser went on me so I had to chuck the towel in and bought the 120G ps3 slim model so I must say the 120G ps3 slim first models was the best for me
ExPresident  +   608d ago
I would simply say they are early adopters and thats it. My original PS3 60GB is still going strong.
saoco  +   608d ago
Yes sir!!! Same here. Can't say the same for my 2 ex-boxes.
Salooh  +   608d ago
Guys , off topic but i have something simple but may turn great :)

Look at the long blue light at 0:09 .Isn't that the ps4 line ?. Ps4 version :D . .
CaulkSlap  +   608d ago
Well honestly I'm ready for at least some same old with a new coat of paint on it.
SpinalRemains  +   608d ago
I cannot disagree with this.

Launches rule, but rarely do they come with astounding new AAA titles.


Gon got me one rite away!
LOGICWINS  +   608d ago
On behalf of the majority of people who will buy these consoles well after they launch, I would like to thank you Day 1 beta testers. It's your complaints/rants that end up making our experience that much better.
GameCents  +   608d ago
Here here! Hehehe. To the beta-testers.
MRMagoo123  +   608d ago
I got the ps3 at launch , i still have that ps3 right now turned on and going strong , i dont feel like some kind of tester for the hardware because it has never had a bug glitch or problem hardware wise.
kingmushroom  +   608d ago
stop sh*t*ng on my fantasy with your horrendous headline and article
PigPen  +   608d ago
But this isn't winner takes all, they all will sell and be successful.
Foxhound922  +   608d ago
Watch dogs, Killzone Shadowfall, and Driveclub say hi
TripC50  +   608d ago
Mario, Link, Sonic, Yoshi, Pikmin, Bayonetta, and um....Watch Dogs say Mushi Mushi back. Just to say a few.
Highlife  +   608d ago
WiiU hahahhahahahahahhhahahahhaha

and i have one
Shadowsteal  +   608d ago
You didn't even name any games... just characters besides Watch Dogs.
KwietStorm  +   608d ago
Well don't care about the first 6, and the last is multiplatform. So what?
TripC50  +   608d ago
I named characters because characters talk (usually) and its faster than naming all the games which, in some cases, don't have official titles yet. I mentioned Watch Dogs because its multi platform and is also saying "hi" with the characters I listed. My list is WiiU centric as opposed to the PS4 centric in Foxhound's comment. Mentioning Watch Dogs points out that its not just for PS4. Come on people keep it light hearted and fun. Besides I may have taught some people the informal way to say hi in Japanese in my original comment.
Neko_Mega  +   608d ago
Don't care, PS4 I will pick up on launch date. It be the 2nd console that I pick up on launch date.

My first was Sega Dreamcast (yeah yeah, I know thats old uh?). But back then all I know was Sega systems, now I know pretty much one of each console/handheld.
NameRemoved0017  +   608d ago
I'll stick with my PC and I will buy a PS4 for exclusives. Microsoft can go die for all I care.
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KwietStorm  +   608d ago
Then how will you play your games on PC?
cyguration  +   608d ago
Meh, I know I'll get a lot of disagrees but the PS4/Xbox One right now are in too shady a territory for me to get all fanboy excited about them.

Wii U seems to represent the most classical approach to video gaming and has my eye the most. Depending on what Nintendo unveils at E3 depends on who I will side with this fall.
Supermax  +   608d ago
Day one purchase.
urwifeminder  +   608d ago
Pc owns but will still get an xboxone.
ToughBatichon360  +   608d ago
ToughBatichon360  +   608d ago
Xbox one ftw...
GotHDGame  +   608d ago
I don't think its same old same old...For one I have a gamepad that gives me on the fly weapons switch, and my maps on the gamepad instead of cluttering up my screen. TVii is already doing allot of what the 1st box is going to do in a few months and Nintendo is improving it....So yeah whatever.
McScroggz  +   608d ago
I gotta be honest, I'm perfectly fine with getting a new console without any "innovation." Maybe I'm cynical, or just old fashioned. When I see things like Illumiroom and Oculus Rift I think of the negatives - distracting me from the game and motion sickness. At the same time, innovation is great for the industry. I just like sitting in a chair with a controller in my hand, ya know?

Now, when it comes to the software I do wanna see innovation. New ways to explore narrative, gameplay and interaction. These types of innovations have, at times in the past, been born from hardway innovations. So, I find myself in a weird situation. I don't want the industry's creativity to be stifled, but I also don't want to see a large portion of games with a focus on things I see as gimmicks.

Am I alone here?
stuna1  +   608d ago
No you are not alone! There is nothing wrong with a gimmick here or there, it tends to make certain product appealing to some, which makes it more marketable! Especially to the younger crowds, which almost always translates into instant support, just look at the WII, Kinects and yes even the Move controllers.

Many could call them gimmick due to the fact they became instantly appealing to the younger crowd, but that is where it should end! A gimmick should never be able to take the place of what many consider the standards of what gamers have grown accustomed too! Which is the good old controller.
mrmancs  +   608d ago
Same old , same old? 20 times more graphical fidelity? Well that is the ps4 I mean... What does this guy want? who written this, A fricken holo deck? Lmao.

Hopefully oculus rift will be a step towards the future of a different visceral experience.
Max-Zorin  +   608d ago
The only same old is bitter fanboys that have nothing better to do but berate others for having a different preference.

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