Slim Down With The Mighty Switch Force HD Update For WII U

Available now in North America! Enjoy these exciting new features:

Smaller file size! Our previous footprint of 528MB has been reduced to 360MB.
Low Resolution Hero! Now you can play as Pixel Patty.
Softer Screaming! Audio has been completely rebalanced so you won't wake the neighbors!
Silence is Golden! Plug your headphones into the GamePad for stealthy play on or off the TV.
How do you get it? Well, odds are it's downloading to your Wii U as we speak! You can also go to Download Management from the Home Screen to test your Software Updates (look for the wrench icon). You'll know you've got the update if you see the WayForward logo appearing on your GamePad when it boots up.

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MNGamer-N1820d ago

Nice. I guess I'll have to go back and finish this game now. I never did make it through it all... hot chicks kickin asses... oh yaeah