‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ hopes to maintain 60 FPS on Xbox One and PS4 (Photos)

By David Stonecipher

Announced also on current systems, “Call of Duty: Ghosts” doesn’t want to disappoint players who play the game on next-generation consoles. Speaking to Digital Spy on May 30, Activision’s Daniel Suarez revealed some of the differences that will be present in the title which is set to span multiple console generations.

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GamersRulz2027d ago

Fish should move away @60 FPS or no buy for me.

DoomeDx2026d ago

Man, the fish jokes are getting old by now imo.

Salooh2026d ago

You kidding ? It's not only a joke. It's real. Current generation won't have moving fish. It's that lame. This is torture to them right now. Many fans in my country are being avoiding mentioning ghost . Why ?. Because they are a shamed , every time they say something we laugh at them xD .

6 people in my house loved cod . Now only 1 and he's my little brother(16 years old). He's kind of depressed though because of all of these jokes lol..

Utalkin2me2026d ago

Ok, how about. My arm hair has to sway at 60fps, is that better?

Wizziokid2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Like the COD franchise?

oh COD is also a fish ^^

xHeavYx2026d ago

Fish jokes never get old

VISUAL-ANT32026d ago

so says Kayne West ... the ga... I mean "Happy" Fish

metalgod882026d ago

Why you gotta be all up in our gills man? Why not just like what you sea?

JokesOnYou2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

yeah you think COD gamers won't notice, COD has addictive gameplay, 60fps is a big part of that equation and that's why it sells= FUN, I love graphics just as much as the next guy but COD looks great although its not the best graphically that just 1 aspect of a game. More importantly never underestimate the power of just being fun. I see the tears from COD haters and I just laugh wondering why you guys bother, those who love it don't care and while you guys waste your time crying, the devs are collecting $$ and the gamers who love COD are having fun.

HammadTheBeast2026d ago

^ You're buying the same crap every year.

Jokes on you.

JokesOnYou2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I buy what I like, had countless hours of fun with good friends playing every COD released, not going to stop just because YOU say its crap, I also bought many others shooters including BF, I don't hate it I just ended up always playing COD waaaay more, my friends too so this time I'll probably only play the next BF4 at whichever one of my friends house who gets it or borrow it just to check it out (shooters are my favorite) unfortunately I just don't play it enough to justify the purchase but hell yeah, call it what you want I'll be playing COD Ghosts day 1.

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Maddens Raiders2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

yeah but most of the people playing this multi-trash wouldn't know the difference and couldn't care less.

JeffGUNZ2026d ago

Really? That's why a lot of people choose it over other war FPS. They might not know the name and technicalities, but they will notice the game play is not the same feel. I for one would be hesitant to buy it if they can't do 60FPS on a mocked up next gen engine. To be honest, I am liking what I see from Destiny and I think respawns game will be the next COD in popularity.

liquidhalos2025d ago

People are too focused on the fish and dog crap and for some reason are letting a huge part of this story slip right past them.

This is next gen, this is what devs and gamers have wanted for a long time. And this is what lazy cod has to say.

"‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ hopes to maintain 60 FPS on Xbox One and PS4"

The keyword there folks is "Hopes" Cod devs are so lazy that even with a new engine on a new generation of easier to develop for consoles they still cant offer us decent FPS...

Triforce0792026d ago

Well if wiiu doesnt run at 60fps i will just play Mariokart and retro's game end of i will not buy COD on wiiu if they claim it can't hit 60fps on that ancient engine.

Morgue2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

That dog should be running pretty fast when fetching that stick I throw and I can't wait to see him eating treats @ 60fps

ChiaPet2026d ago

I wonder if you can play as the dog in first person and catch fish in the river

MYSTERIO3602025d ago

All i know is Activision has no excuse to mess up the PS4 version

donman12025d ago

60 FPS shouldn't be a problem since they are using the same tired engine just tweaked.

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Ashunderfire862027d ago

Which such an old engine hell yeah these systems can run a turd like this.

Sono4212026d ago

um... it's a new engine... Do you not notice the difference? Lets not be ignorant now.. I mean yeah I realize hating on cod is the "cool" thing to do here on N4G but let's not start skewing facts in the process.

Smelly1sam2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

/s I hope? Also it is not even a new engine it is still a modified version of quake.

Lanceo92026d ago

Its still the Quake engine.

Ashunderfire862026d ago


Like Smelly1sam said, it is still a modified version of quake. Watch here:

Read here:

Are those facts for you? I am telling it like it is. This engine has been around since 1999.

They should also give us a better example than this:

JustinXlisinski2026d ago

If you know anything about COD you would know that its NOT a new engine, its the same but upgraded...

Sono4212025d ago

I'm simply restating what was said in the reveal...

@ 1:46 "and this is powered by a new next-gen engine" - Direct quote

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KillrateOmega2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Hopes? It's being released for next-gen systems! And 60fps has always been one of CoD's biggest selling points!

How hard can it be?

JsonHenry2026d ago

The video card in the systems are kind of under-powered. That is how. Throw all the RAM you want at it but it is still the video card that needs to be beefed up.

The video cards are certainly more powerful than current gen. But When ActiBlizz just wants to put in higher rez textures/run at a higher native rez without spending the time and money optimizing it they might sacrifice 60fps for a quick turnover on their investment.

Utalkin2me2026d ago

Thats interesting, what i got from you was...Blah, blah.....blah blah blah, blah.....blah.

waltercross2026d ago

Weird, and speaking of COD...I Pictured the Dog Snoopy in Charlie brown....Blah blah blah..LOL. But then again I'm half asleep.

liquidhalos2025d ago

What a load of rubbish, your talking hardware like its going into a pc. It isnt, its going into a console, chalk and cheese hombre.

JustinXlisinski2026d ago

Every year these stupid articles say the same thing to get your attention... you think people would fucking learn by now that articles don't know shit

elhebbo162026d ago

They could maintain 60fps with those advance AI fishies? Amazing /s

waltercross2026d ago

Lets see you do that!....I think That's Impressive!.../s

Shadonic2026d ago

I belive half life did it with Roaches plus was sAI there far more advanced then the fishes.