Bonus Round: GTA: IV part 1

Geoff keighley, Michael Pacther, Pete Wanat and Chris Morel all sit down to talk about the most anticipated game of the year; Grant Theft Auto: IV

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Rhezin3917d ago

really sick of hearing about this game just release it already so we can find out for ourselves.

SUP3R3917d ago

Only 36days to go ie. 5 weeks.
It doesn't seem that long at all when you look at it using a weekly system.

MrTeenie3917d ago

Really good episode of bonus round. Can't wait for GTA IV!

Alcaponeyou3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

i have motion sickness :(
pachter contradicted himself, "i don't see any game selling 10 million"
"gta4 sell maybe 10 million or more"

masterg3917d ago

He means any game other than GTAIV :)

RAF-TECH3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Drunk driving. That would be cool.
why not... it'll make the game just better.
GTA was always about breaking laws and firing rockets at tanks & helicoptors

I wonder what they will think about the console war.
Either way.
This is an exclusive that 360 has stolen.
so it's already a win for Microsoft.

Chemical3917d ago

I agree.
If GTA4 was exclusive on my PS3..damn.. just imagine.

But in truth..360 snatched it with enough time to promote the game with exclusive content.

OC Shock Value3917d ago

yea about a month left before alot off ppl beat alot of ass on TV.. i got it pre ordered and i am ready for the carnage.. and i shouldnt even haveta mentionj online play.. im sure it will speak for itslef

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The story is too old to be commented.