MSNBC Host Calls Men in Their Twenties Weak, Unmarriable Gamers

Kotaku - In the middle of a dated metaphor about cavemen killing dinosaurs to make ends meet Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, called men in their twenties weak, unmarriable gamers.

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Snookies121999d ago

Oh boy, I'm 22. Looks like I'll just never get married lol. What a fail this dude is.

Blacktric1999d ago

Goddamn man you're really old. When I was your age, I had four wives and my very own business along with two condos and one farm. And right now, I'm 23 and I'm the owner of five different hotels around the world.

You need to get your life together dude.


ThanatosDMC1998d ago

Damn, dude you're 23 and you only accomplished that much? You need to get your act straight. You should be running a country by now.

Bimkoblerutso1998d ago

Get back to me when you've tamed a bear for bareback riding.

Or should I say...bear back riding.

Snookies121998d ago

I meant to become royalty by now, I've just been slacking off is all...

omi25p1998d ago

Pfft im 19 and i pay Richard Branson to look after all my money and my businesses.

morganfell1998d ago

What did anyone expect? MSNBC is the most hypocritical and judgemental group of know it alls on TV. There is a reason why they are the worst rated news network. When you have idiots like this along with Rachel Madcow you are going to get narrowminded morons with perceptions the size of a supermodels dinner.

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TwistedMetal1998d ago

its true in most cases. just look at all the baby mommas who dont know where the baby daddy is or has mutliple baby daddies before the age of 26 or vise versa. you can already see how weak most of them are that they give up there consumers rights to get a xbox one when the same man from the past generations would fight for more rights.

when someone says i dont care what they do to me or my fellow friends i just want the game, or money, or whateverr it is they are weak.

YNWA961998d ago

You would link syria to xbox.... You are bitter, get run over by an xbox? You embarrass even sony fanboys..

Lone_Man1998d ago

i am the one who trained Chuck Norris....

Unicron1999d ago

On one hand, its unfortunate that despite the age of the average gamer being 34, and that over 61% of the population games, gaming itself still has this negative stigma about it. It's a bit silly and backwater.

On the other hand, you're right, **** this guy. Pundits are the worst and the world would be better off without them.

FullmetalAlchemist1999d ago

sigh... slow news day, Kotaku?

cyguration1998d ago

When isn't it?

Even with XB1's reveal there's still troll bait to wade through. =/

DeadSpaced1999d ago

Is it me, or do morning news anchors have a higher rate of stupid words/overall words ratio than any other time slot anchors?

It's almost as if they assume we're still half-asleep and would believe anything they say.

sarcastoid1999d ago

Wonder how many divorces this man has gone through.

rainslacker1998d ago

Once according to Wikipedia. He's now remarried. So guess he's not unmarriable...whatever that means.

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The story is too old to be commented.