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Why Microsoft thinks the Xbox One makes sense

Last week’s Xbox One reveal was met with a lot of confusion by many, and resulted in heated arguments over the course of the week. Gamers were concerned with the apparent focus on cable TV and sports, and many were upset by the inherent digital rights management (DRM) and privacy implications of the console’s many reported features.

Microsoft seemed genuinely bewildered. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

AronDeppert  +   406d ago
Makes sense...

As a paperweight.
MysticStrummer  +   406d ago
It makes sense to them because as of a year ago, more people were using their 360s for online multimedia than for gaming. That should explain the design and reveal of One.


The reason why One's design is a mistake is in the same article...

"More than 20 million people are paying Xbox Live subscribers who can access the console's entertainment services. A total of 66 million Xbox 360s have been sold worldwide."

That's a lot of potential sales MS is throwing away by requiring One to be periodically online, unless of course MS fans want to admit that about 40 million 360s died of RRoD, thus padding 360 sales numbers.
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ginsunuva  +   406d ago
Too big and heavy for a paperweight. More like a doorstop.
Tapioca Cold  +   406d ago
it makes a lot of sense, but only in America. it's useless to me here in Korea. Hell I could hardly download game videos from Live with the 360. No, thanks, not worth it. The u.s. will love this machine though.
Hicken  +   406d ago
Not this guy. Not enough gaming, too much... everything else.

And you know, maybe they'll show a lot more gaming-related features at E3. But it's put a disgustingly nasty taste in my mouth so far; I can't see a reason to get one, right now. And even if I DID see some games I liked- like a new Lost Odyssey, for example- having to HAVE it connected online regularly is a turn-off.

Yes, my PS3 is always connected. But it does't NEED to be. I've had about two weeks this month where my internet was down, through no fault of my own. If it were the XBO, I'd have had no console to play.

And I think there are MANY others here in the US of A who feel the same. Damn shame there are some fools that make us all look bad by being willfully ignorant.
opinska  +   405d ago
Hell no.. Drm and spyware on my box? Hell no I'm all for PS4!
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Typical-Guy  +   406d ago
Because only a crackhead thinks his joke is funny !
Blaze929  +   406d ago
"Why Microsoft thinks the Xbox One makes sense"
"Microsoft seemed genuinely bewildered"

Uh, maybe because they know more then everyone saying otherwise? E3 aint that far away...
yesmynameissumo  +   406d ago
"Uh, maybe because they know more then everyone saying otherwise? E3 aint that far away..."

Are you talking about 2009 or 2010 or 2011 or 2012's E3?
Sidology  +   406d ago
In the context of the article, the spacing makes sense, because it takes note of why some crowds were not responding well to Microsoft's reveal and why the company couldn't quite place as to why they were responding in such a manner versus Microsoft's bewilderment of the actual product.

As a company, you hope that people respond well to your product right out of the gate instead of receiving a lot of initial backlash and poor PR. Microsoft has not received that, even though there is a lot of hope peppered throughout the industry.
uuaschbaer  +   406d ago
Greatest title of an article this generation; the article itself isn't bad either.
MikeyDucati1  +   406d ago
The unpopular truth? People will buy Xbox One. No matter what some avi says, that same person will go and buy an Xbox for several reasons. Some because they had a 360. Some because they believe in supporting american. Some because they like the features included. Some for the exclusives. MS is no way out of it and they understand this. I read alot of trash talk on MS but in the back of my mind I know how the internet goes and how gamers act. They hop on bandwagons without second thought. Soon as this console drop, watch how quickly it sells out despite numerous amounts of protests.
mcstorm  +   406d ago
I agree and I am one who is getting a Xbox one when it comes out. I have a Wiiu now and love it but after seeing the way Sony and Microsoft are going im getting the one 1st.

My reasons are I love forza and forza 8 is out for the one where gt6 is on the ps3 so I don't need a new Ps just yet.

Other reasons are I like the idea of the tv side of the one. I live in the uk so I would like to see how it hocks up to sky here but looks interesting. I have also become a big Microsoft user at home we all have a windows phone, a surface pro and rt and we have Xbox music as well as a 2012 server with all my media on it.

For me the one fits better in my life but I will be picking up a ps4 some point next year to.
EasilyTheBest  +   406d ago
I cant wait to get an Xbox One either, its a day one for me.
Hey Mcstorm, how are you getting on with your Windows Phone? I just got a Nokia Lumia 620 and cant believe how good it is compared to my droid.
mcstorm  +   405d ago
I really like Windows Phone. I had a HTC Titan before I got the Lumia 920 and I had Android and Windows Mobile before that but I can say for me Windows Phone is the best OS on the market. I also find the App store fine for what I use my phone for to and never had an issue finding an app I want.

The 620 looks a good phone for the price and with WP not needing 4 cores to run its a great experience from the lower end phone all the way to the High end Plus the Camera on the Lumia 920 is the best on the market at the moment.

I also like how we get Disagrees for saying we are getting the Xbox one lol full of fan boys this site.
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MikeyDucati1  +   406d ago

Whoa there buddy!! Let's not talk about my beloved android!! LOL! Just joking...carry on
Supermax  +   406d ago
There's 60 million cod halo gears battlefield fans out there I'm one of them for me it's a day one purchase,then a year later ill gt a ps4
OrionNoctis  +   406d ago
Makes sense to them cause they had a brain fart!
pop-voxuli  +   406d ago
Well of course they do. Goes to show and prove how out of touch they have become.
BABYLEG  +   406d ago
It does make sense. Its just that the simple folks need time before they get converted
BuffMordecai  +   406d ago
Only a simple minded sheep or a blind fanboy would buy a gaming console in which the main focus isn't gaming. Add to the fact that its chock full of anti consumer and anti privacy features and you have One useless pile of shit.
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Bitsnark  +   405d ago
As always, it should come down to the games and really, surely that's all any of us in this place really care about?

Let E3 be in the history books two weeks from now and then we can fellate/shit fury on them as appropriate.

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