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New PS3 TV Commercial Released By Sony

New PS3 TV Commercial: Evolving Entertainment Released (PS3)
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crazy25000  +   2807d ago
lol wtf?
masterg  +   2807d ago
I saw this one six months ago.
Spinner  +   2807d ago
Got me excited over nothing, it's just another crappy EU ad :/
sonarus  +   2807d ago
i think sony try to hard with these commercials. Just show the best games on the system and play a cool sound track in the back ground period. Trying to pretend like europeans are more classy than the rest of us so they have to have classical music playing lol GTFO with that garbage lol:)
IntelligentAj  +   2807d ago
This was stupid. The best commercials that they had were the last set with music by Saliva and showcasing what the system can do. That's the best ad and they need to find ways to update that ad as I think it's been the most successful.
yesah  +   2807d ago
they need to cover things like the up coming exclusives, low faliure rate, bluray. Not this crap. It looked cool at first but then....No.
CrazedFiend  +   2807d ago
I REALLY hate Sony's European commercials!!!!!!!
Why would I say that? Avoidance of actually showing anything PS3 related.

I'm sorry, this is a re-post, but nobody saw it the last time I posted it (being I Japan, I always seem to see these articles AFTER everybody's already had their say), and I HAVE TO say this!

I've had my Playstation since launch and I have yet to blow up any suitcases full of money, or quote bad poetry on the toilet, or even throw a dog in the washing machine. And I doubt seriously that anything on PSN will ever make pictures sprout up all over my walls.

Sorry, but here in Japan they put games in their commercials (except 4 maybe Xbox...hmmm...). And in America, well, have you seen the "Ladies and Gentlemen" commecials? While yes, they are DEFINITELY American, they DO make me want to buy a Playstation.

"This is Living"??? Hell, if I didn't already know what the Playstation was, I STILL wouldn't know what it does.

I'm not taking a stab at Europeans or anything, I just HONESTLY believe that Sony Europe chose the wrong ad agency to do their campaign. I know the PS3 is selling over there, but I just wonder exactly how many Europeans out there actually bought their PS3's because of a "This is Living" ad.

Sure these kooky ads can be entertaining and all, but I'm just curious. If any of you out there would honestly lay down the cash for a PS3 because of an ad like this, please reply. Please help me understand where the hook is.
Coffin87  +   2806d ago
yeah i'm with you.

i live in germany. there are a few nice EU spots, but this one is really ugly...

the thing is, europe, just like japan, is 99% SONY LAND (forgetting nintendo here). sony OWNS this countries.
everyone i know just likes to see the spots, we don't need to see the great games in the spots, everyone over here KNOWS for a FACT that ps3 has MUCH more potential than the 360. there is no war to win, they already won by announcing the ps3. everyone was bought by that.

so, the thing is, we just like to see what kind of aura they bild behind their hype. if we just see anything that inspires us in a way, and then we see the ps3 logo at the end, it just tells us: hey, this is sony, they don't need to show the games, they just need to create a spirit behind it. and that's exactly what they do. everyone buys a ps3 because it's what everyone got to LOVE over here. there simply is no need to show off graphics. everyone knows ps3 is the best out there.

but yet i have to agree - i would have LOOOVED to see the "ladies and gentlemen" spots over here. they're the best ps3 spots EVER.
(besides the playstation 9 spot at the release of the ps2, this is just cult. youtube it if you don't know it yet.)

well i hope that answers your question :)
Sarick  +   2806d ago
You know.
After they made that "do you want it" advertisements Sony let that agency go. >.<

Last year before that commercial I made a fourm topic "if you was sony and advertising PS3 how would you do your add"

That do you want it commercial was basically exactly how I wrote it on gamefaqs without the music or image specifics. In essence my commercial was a transforming PS3 showing features and ending with starting at $499.

Yea, I agree though. WTF!

WTF is Sony thinking x10!
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CrazedFiend  +   2805d ago
Thanks for the input. That actually makes sense (^o^)

Still hate the commercials tho...
decapitator  +   2807d ago
'wtf Indeed. Sony come always come up with the weirdest things.
crazy25000  +   2807d ago
these commercials creep me out....they need to fire these guys...again :/
gixxxer  +   2806d ago
At least if you use a women make it a good looking one..
cellypower  +   2807d ago
O boy here we go again
hunter21  +   2807d ago
sony loves wierd
WeaseL  +   2807d ago
Was released last November in UK
MJY2K  +   2807d ago
Hopefully they give us the US ads, these are a mess
Danja  +   2807d ago
well atleast it's not as wierd as the white room...commercials..

ohh well Sony needs to fire whoever did this one also..
Shadow Man  +   2807d ago
Sony ...
Just keep this commercial please...

Related video
Superiorrior  +   2807d ago
Wow that commercial.. was just wow, completely awesome.
Surfman  +   2807d ago
i agree, that commercial is totally awesome
bluegoblin  +   2807d ago
totally awesome
good thing i have both saved on my ps3 hehe...
meepmoopmeep  +   2807d ago
yeah, the north american trailers are way better. i love the saliva song that's played with it and how they show games. perfect match.
Milky  +   2807d ago
That commercial would sell so many ps3s, it shows exactly what the ps3 is about whereas the new advert tells you that ps3 is creepy.
vloeistof  +   2807d ago
its old.\
and kinda strange.
Surfman  +   2807d ago
it's an old commercial in Europe, i dont think they use it in america.
Bender  +   2807d ago
Damn, Sony do some weird-ass commercials.....
ShAkKa  +   2807d ago
what is important is the meaning and that is that the ps3 with an update can be up to date with any new technology.
Mikelarry  +   2807d ago
im just throwing this out there. who the hell comes up with this adverts. no the real question is whos the crazy guy who approves this adverts for sony. they have got some really i mean really crazy adverts
heyheyhey  +   2807d ago
still going with weird crap eh Sony?

i think the one's about the Cell and Blu-Ray are the best
Bloodshedder  +   2807d ago
wow wtf whas that???? even the lady is old:S
Surfman  +   2807d ago
the one on your avatar is not
heyheyhey  +   2807d ago
could be an old lady looking after her ass nicely
LinuxGuru  +   2807d ago
lol with an ass like that....I don't think you'd care if she was 40 or even 45.

Nice avatar.
Bloodshedder  +   2807d ago
nah the girl in my avatar aint old! ;)
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pp  +   2807d ago
even microsoft could have pulled a better commercial than loves Embarrassing them selves
#15 (Edited 2807d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Bender  +   2807d ago
If you're going to be a troll, at least try to be funny, because right now you're just boring.
Pretending to be Microsoft/Sony employees seems to be all the rage nowadays, maybe you could try that....
doodle  +   2807d ago
you abnormal XTARD you dont have the power to understand that AD

just like your CONSOLE BREAK BOX 3 FIX ME which doesnt have the power to run ultrarealistic games like GT5P/UNCHARTED etc
IzKyD1331  +   2807d ago
how do these stories get approved?
this commercial was released like LAST YEAR!
bluegoblin  +   2807d ago
Those commercials
are really not efficient.Just imagine the face of a normal mom watching that, they just go pick up a Wii or something hehe.
Just go back to the other ones " Do you Want it" ;D
Sir Ken Kutaragi 3  +   2807d ago
xBox360 version...
Technology that doesn't work!!! ;-D
doodle  +   2807d ago
for sure
x360 is like 1/5 as powerful as the PS3

so that doesnt work

Plus x360 cant even run games at 1080P NATIVE at 60 FPS
Expy  +   2807d ago
Everyone's whining over how they don't like these, but the EU and Other sales would speak otherwise. Their ad campaign is working well in those regions of the world. I think they know a bit more about their target market and segment than you guys do.
princejb134  +   2807d ago
corny commercial
keep the last one it was awesome
Premonition  +   2807d ago
I think sony should team up with apple, for some reason apple commercials just get me into the product, and the music they use to promote it :)
Yo Mama  +   2807d ago

Full Version

And yes, this is old.

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meepmoopmeep  +   2807d ago
lmao... haha.. the PS2 one was awesome... i kinda figured it out though before the end of the ad. funny though...
Milky  +   2807d ago
Now the full version was pretty awesome in my opinion. Wierd and wonderful.
heyheyhey  +   2807d ago
WHAT THE F**k?!?!?!?!??!?!

that PS2 ad was disturbing, but very funny
Snarko  +   2807d ago
Sony commercials are wierd..
..I like it.

And +1 on the "its old" thing.
Bazookajoe_83  +   2807d ago
I wonder why they dont want people to buy there product?
Worst ads ever...
LSDARBY  +   2807d ago
This was the european christmas commercial. who approves this crap
cow moolester  +   2807d ago
not again
Sony Europe cannot grasp how to make a good ad. Seriously and even Sony fanboys can agree with that. First a guy putting a poodle in a washing machine and now this?

The Wii ads are best as they actually advertise the product. It shows the product and it shows people having fun with the Product. The Xbox 360 ads do this but to a lesser extent.

And doodle seriously...what does the power of a console have to do with this article? You just seem really immature now've already bought your Ps3 so please stop trying to justify your purchase to everyone else.
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heyheyhey  +   2807d ago
yeah, i like their arthouse stuff because they're a good break from the generic commercials, BUT they suck at selling the product
Expy  +   2807d ago
PS3 is outselling XBOX360 in almost every major European country. Their ads work over there, they could give a rats *** about what Americans think.
heyheyhey  +   2807d ago

America is the biggest market- of course they care
ar  +   2807d ago
Why would SCEE care about what "hits" on the American market when making a commercial for Europe?
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cysna  +   2806d ago
I like these PS3 European adds and I am an European my self. So I think these kind of adds work better here than in the US. Just look at the sales figures. These adds remind me of Apple's adds. There's something classical and beautiful in these PS3 adds. It's something so much more than just a console with games.

And btw. America is not the biggest market for the PS3. EU is. And with the starting depression in the US, you have to sell everything so cheap, so the margins go down. I mean come on, the PS3 is about twice expensive here in EU than in the US...and people still can afford it.
Agente47  +   2807d ago
This is soooo old.
dewmandew7  +   2807d ago
European, I'm assuming.
I'm going to take a wild guess and assume this is a European ad.
Lucreto  +   2807d ago
Europe ads are very good because they are different. They stand out of the crowd and sonys one is excellent. I have on my PS3 and watch it very now and then.

This is another ad which is good.

This is my favourite
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