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Saint's Row IV Box art revealed

Saint's Row IV Box art revealed (PC, PS3, Saints Row 4, Xbox 360)

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Snookies12  +   861d ago
I actually really like that. I shall be putting money toward GTA V first, but will definitely be picking up SRIV as well.
Double_Oh_Snap  +   861d ago
Fantastic boxart, tells you everything you need to know.
FullmetalAlchemist  +   861d ago
Did anyone notice the stars on the flag? lol
doctorstrange  +   861d ago
Haha, nice spot
BehindGames  +   861d ago
old posted 5 days ago, also for xbox360 and pc not just ps3
GamingAngelGabriel  +   861d ago
Saints Row 4, starring Angry Joe.
Plagasx  +   861d ago
Wow, finally boxart that looks nice!
WhyWai88  +   861d ago
Shaundi and Kinzie on both side. :)

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