Shadow of the Eternals - Kickstarter Knugget

Precursor Games, a development company started in 2012, was born out of faltering developer Silicon Knights. Over the course of just a year many of the programmers, artists, creative professionals and executives came over to the newly formed company. The exodus picked up especially after a multi-faceted lawsuit with Epic Games over the misuse and licensing of the Unreal 3 engine became a no-win situation for Silicon Knights in March of that year. There are two sides to the salacious story but now Precursor has set about creating a new line of games including a sequel to their cult hit Eternal Darkness.

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badjournalism2026d ago

I visit the KS page everyday. Always puts hope in my heart for humanity, to see it failing.

wellmont2026d ago

Lots of good Kickstarters are failing. I honestly think there is only so much money to go around right now and the bigger entities are starving off the smaller ones.