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7 Creative but Controversial Print Advertisements from PlayStation

With the PS4 set for release later this year and some interesting advert ideas no doubt already in the pipeline, PlayStationer.net take a look back at 7 creative yet controversial print adverts that have been produced for the PlayStation brand. (PlayStation, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PS4, Sony)

l33t_player  +   827d ago
classic Sony!
thorstein  +   827d ago
Classic is right. How old are these?
HammadTheBeast  +   827d ago
I now understand why their old advertising team was fired.

WTF are some of these?!
AMG999222  +   827d ago
Wtf, some of them are quite daft
Bimkoblerutso  +   827d ago
Congratulations, you are the first person I have ever seen use the word "daft" that wasn't referencing that one electronica band...um....what was their name again?
TheTrollSlayer  +   827d ago
haha I have never seen any of these before! What the hell were Sony thinking with some of them??? I wonder what the ps4 ads will be like!
*eye twitches*
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   827d ago
that last one,XD LMFAO,what the heck is that supposed to mean how does that advertise playstation,
FrightfulActions  +   827d ago
Well, Sony is a Japanese company.

Still though... wtf... Lol.

Didn't find any of them offensive personally (though I'm not nearly as sensitive to this stuff as most people, especially when it comes to religion) but these are definitely WEIRD.

I wonder if they call it artistic integrity and get away with it.
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banjadude  +   827d ago
That's not really fair to just auto-assume that these ads are weird simply b/c the company is Japanese.

These ads were made for North American/European audiences. And not to mention, the marketing agency was from Europe.
FrightfulActions  +   827d ago
No need to be sensitive about it I was just jesting. I know they weren't Japanese ads. I was just poking fun at how Japan has some of the most downright wild, bizarre and WTF commercials out there.

The fact that Sony is a Japanese company has nothing to do with it, really, Im sure, but its still funny. Look at youtube Japanese ads. Even if they're Korean or, well, where ever, everyone associates "wtf did I just watch" ads with Japan because they're so radically different from the social norms of the west.

I wasn't being technical and serious or critical about it. I was just poking fun at how the Japanese are no stranger to coming out with crazy commercials. Sony in particular have quite the record for weirdness. They're crazy ads no matter how you look at them. No need to be stiff about it.

If you really want to go deep into it I guess you could say since the ads do need some approval from Sony, who in turn are Japanese, it doesn't seem all that odd that they wouldn't immediately go "this is insane, what kind of ad is this" since their culture clearly has very different standards.

Or you could just chill out, smile and laugh at how ridiculously creepy and/or weird some of their ads are and go "oh, Sony, you goofs".

Hard to believe the company that came up with the widely popular Kevin Butler is also responsible for such 'classics' like the crying baby, the ones in this post, or even more terrifying the "thumb penis" so kindly provided by Sushidrew down there.

Seriously Sushi, thanks for sharing that. No, really. Thanks. I needed those nightmares that are sure to come. Lol.

It's like a nut. You can play. Outside.
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rpd123  +   827d ago
This is why Sony blows at advertising. None of those made me think "playstation" when I saw them. Make ads, not art (if this can be considered art).
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cyguration  +   827d ago
All the early PS3 TV ads were just as bad...I mean, masturbating soccer players and tap dancing concierges? Like everyone else said...wtf?
arronax-1  +   827d ago
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Sushidrew  +   827d ago
Don't forget this one... http://www.joystiq.com/2008...
Plambey  +   827d ago

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