Razer touts new gaming laptop PC as "world's thinnest"

Computer gaming hardware maker Razer has unveiled what it calls the "world's thinnest gaming notebook".

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Agent_hitman1997d ago

LOL, that expensive gaming laptop is just a waste of money imo. Even if it has latest CPU+GPU components I'd still prefer to buy a custom built PC that plays all games.

ScubbaSteve1997d ago

Nothing makes you wonder "Hey is this going to burn my nuts off" like trying to game on a laptop.

TechnicianTed1997d ago

I agree with what you are saying, but some people will pay through the nose for these things.

pompombrum1997d ago

Probably the world's most expensive too.

wallis1997d ago

I dont quite get this. Hardcore gamers willing to pay thousands rarely sit around begging for their computers to be more compressed. It's like making a race car and being really proud it has the softest seats ever when really people only give a shit about how quick it is and how much it costs.

Bakkies1997d ago

I think the market they're catering for already have a super desktop PCs and then buys a super gaming laptop every 2 years. Like those people who buy a new GFX card every 4 months and then acts like it's normal online.