Next Week on US/CA PSN: June 4th, 2013 – Remember Me, LIMBO, 1 Free PS3 Game on PlayStation Plus

Every system gets some attention this week, with Remember Me being a Day 1 Digital title, the Vita’s port of LIMBO coming out, Class of Heroes 2 for PSP, and more. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1874d ago

I've held off buying Batman: Arkham City in hopes it comes to PS+, hopefully it replaces Sleeping Dogs.

Skate-AK1874d ago

I would just get the GOTY version. It's worth it and comes with a full HD movie, Batman: Year One, and all the DLC. I'm sure you can get it for like $20-$30.

TrendyGamers1874d ago

It's actually $15 - $20 now for the GOTY.

Corpser1874d ago

$7.50 PC version on amazon , goty edition too

Skate-AK1874d ago

Even more of a reason! Batman Year One Blu-ray is like $13 so you almost get the game for free. Jump on it man!

FITgamer1873d ago

You are missing out on an amazing game the GOTY is definitely worth buying. You won't be disappointed.

phantomexe1874d ago

Anyone see any rumors on what it may be?

TrendyGamers1874d ago

Nope, just have to wait and see.

dbjj120881874d ago

Anyone else not played Limbo yet?

Salooh1874d ago

I bought it while searching in the store. I didn't know anything about it. My brother and i just saw the pictures then he told me to buy it. We were shocked of how good this game is. It's really really rare when that happen to us because we know all the great games. I don't know why i didn't notice it in the internet >.< . We are searching for games like it but the only game that could stand to it is Rain.

Skate-AK1874d ago

I never have. Always have been interested in it since it released on XBLA. I like games with a good art style.

FITgamer1873d ago

Its a really fun game and if your trophy whore like myself you will have fun with getting them all.

ftwrthtx1874d ago

Hopefully the new PS+ game will be one I don't already own. Fingers crossed.

DarKnightDave1874d ago

Walmart still has the Batman Arkham Asylum/City (regular edition) for $20. At least here they do.

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