Achievements: The Sensation

Live 360 Writes: "Live-360 takes a look at the Xbox 360 Achievement. This one idea has completely changed gaming forever and has been a stimulus to rental services across the world.

Why are we so addicted to them? What drives people to great lengths just to get more points? In this story we will investigate this and more."

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Mr Playboy3917d ago

thats why I Like my 360 over any other console

with Achievements, I spend more time on games and I really like to collect them in SP or MP with friends

really best idea ever

Marceles3916d ago

Yeah achievements really do make finishing games on a harder difficulty more awarding, it's fun to see if your friends have completed a game as much as you, and it even makes people buy games that people wouldn't normally buy, but the achievements are easy to can't beat that, and I think alot of credit is due to the achievement system.

Stryfeno13917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I used to be hook on achievements but not anymore. However, I still find my self trying to get 1000 on the games that I really do enjoy.

RAF-TECH3917d ago

I'm about to break 10,0000
i guess dark sector will be the game to do it!

Marceles3916d ago

I just past 10,000 this weekend when I beat Army of Two

Excalibur3916d ago

I love achievements too!!