Take-Two CEO talks GTA 5, used games, MMOs

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke at the Cowen Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference today, discussing MMOs, how zombies sell games, and games needing multiple protagonists. Get the quotient quotables below.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2025d ago

He's playing dumb. He knows that both MS and the publisher get a slice of the used game sale.

MikeMyers2025d ago

They are probably still in negotiations but of course they will want a piece of the pie as they should.

CaptainFaisal2025d ago

Ok pal how much did microsh!t pay you to say that BS about Used games?

karan72025d ago

i cant wait for the game tbh , wish it was a sony exclusive :/

PhantomT14122025d ago

He's actually pointing the finger at Microsoft because in the current -foggy and unclear- form of how used games will be handled on Xbox One, only MS would get a profit and not the publisher. I sure don't hope this crappy MS used-game policy work, but it's fair to ask in this case why the publisher doesn't get any cuts when it comes to used sales, and only the console manufacturer would.

Plus, I pretty much agree with what he says: if you want to "fight" second hand markets, make good games that people won't want to let go. I worked at a game retailer, I didn't see many Grand Theft Autos in the used game baskets. On the other hand, don't expect people to buy your average "meh" games if they know they cannot resell it later, I actually think used game markets help you boost sales on these kinds of products.

PigPen2025d ago

"You're going to have to have multiple protagonist in video games going forward". Never in video game history has there been a need for multiple protagonist so why the need now? Watch Dogs is coming to take the crown and will be on all consoles, not just current gen. I think they're right about the MMOs in US though.