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Chart: How Microsoft Confused Everyone With the Xbox One

Kotaku - For the past week or so, we've all been a tad confused about how Microsoft will be handling used games, online requirements and indie developers on its new Xbox One console. (Xbox One)

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KillrateOmega  +   861d ago
How Microsoft Confused Everyone With the Xbox One
Nah. We all saw the reveal. We all clearly understood that it sucked.
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KillrateOmega  +   861d ago
"Man, I'm so excited for the new Xbox One. I heard that Kinect, which it requires in order to function, will allow for more accurate advertisement to shoved down my throat! Awesome!"

-Said nobody ever
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oof46  +   861d ago
Microsoft, as a company, is too well versed in PR and media for this kind of he said/she said/let me get back to you fiasco.

It my sound tin foil hattish, but maybe they did it on purpose to gauge gamer reaction.

Microsoft, in regards to DRM and always online, the majority of gamers have responded with a resounding NO.
ziggurcat  +   861d ago
i don't know what the confusion on indie devs could be since MS has made their stance known that indies can't self-publish.
Blaze929  +   861d ago
"For the past week or so, we've all been a tad confused about how Microsoft will be handling used games, online requirements and indie developers on its new Xbox One console."

I don't know what the confusion is period seeing as the ONE HOUR show, was mainly to reveal the console - officially. They never once talked about used games, online requirements, not indie developers during the reveal - so why would anyone be confused on something they never talked about?

People need to wait for E3 ffs. Now if you're still confused after that, then you probably found the Wii U reveal confusing as well...

To be honest, I just don't get it. I don't get the confusion or the problems that came from a one-hour hardware reveal.
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cyguration  +   861d ago
You're right, there is no confusion because Kotaku (and I don't know why they don't highlight this more) was one of the first sites to get a one-on-one with Phil Harrison and hear straight from the horse's mouth what their policy would be on used games.

It wasn't announced during the reveal because it's a sour note that went down bad in MULTIPLE interviews from MULTIPLE high ranking representatives of Microsoft.

There's no confusion...the consumer backlash is in direct response to everything we all understood perfectly fine.
PigPen  +   861d ago
I'm not confused, I just know it's not for me. Although 15 exclusives is definitely a deal breaker.
merciless  +   861d ago
From memory: Tv tv Tv-Price is right-tv-sports sports sports- call of duty old/new engine-xbox one
KillrateOmega  +   861d ago
A summary of the reveal in under 2 minutes:

Related video
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