Xbox One and the Gaming Industry

PlayStation Euphoria writes: "Xbox One was revealed this week at Microsoft’s event in Redmond, Washington detailing Microsoft’s new technology, direction, and target for the next generation of Xbox gaming. Xbox being the primary competitor to PlayStation in the individual console market, this event made a lot of waves in the gaming industry as a whole. What is more important is that Microsoft, being one of the biggest American technology companies there is, has set in motion things that will affect the entirety of the gaming market and can leave a mark on every single gaming consumer. A mark that can be good or bad…"

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Muerte24941758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

the whole indie thing to light. This is a prime example of Microsoft venturing out in their own direction. Both Sony and Nintendo allow self publishing on their platformns. Microsoft, on the other hand, require you have a deal through them or a 3rd party publisher.

When Xbots start saying Sony is heading in the same direction as Microsoft when it comes to DRM, I laugh. Neither Nintendo or Sony followed them in regards to indie developers, so why would they follow them on DRM? Microsoft has been in last place the this, and the previous, gaming generation. Go ahead, sign a deal with EA (America's most hated company). I doubt they'll improve your image much. So when they start spouting the "Sony's following Microsoft" nonsense, please correct them. Given how they blew their lead (10 million headstart) this generation and landed last place, who in their right mind would follow their business practices?

GameCents1758d ago

You really wanna talk about BUSINESS practice and SONY?

nukeitall1758d ago

Ironically, MS is the only one for the longest time to have self publishing and free tools for $100.

As far as I know, neither Sony or Nintendo currently has self publishing. Both require expensive dev kits costing thousands of dollars, and most don't qualify to get one.

So in that sense, this next generation Sony and Nintendo is following MS footsteps!

Ironically, MS openess earned them a lot of grief and little reward if any. Don't blaming MS for going back to the publishing contract rights.

syanara1757d ago


as far as I know, the dev kits for the PS4 or Xbox One are not known to the press at this time. The difference between self-publishing on Xbox One and PS4 is that:

A. Sony shows more interest in indie developers and have open communication with them as evident by JustAddWater's expereince with Sony

B: After the cost of an Xbox One development kit indie devs still have to sign a contract with either Microsoft Studios or another publisher where as both Microsoft and the publishing team earn royalties off of the indie developers work. However, on PS4 only Sony would earn royalties.

nukeitall1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )


That doesn't change still that currently MS is the only one that doesn't require a dev kit, and doesn't require thousands of dollars to publish.

In fact,k it only cost $99 and the tools are free. You can even use the tools to create PC games completely free.

What has that good will earned MS other than whining that neither Sony or Nintendo experiences?

The thing with PS4 as far as I can tell is, you can self publish, but Sony still curates and determines if you are allowed to be there.

It's not a free for all like XNA for MS.

1757d ago
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dcbronco1758d ago

MS won't let you self publish. Sony keeps your IP. I'd like to keep my IP.

opinska1758d ago

Shut up... You know M$ likes to keep your face with kinetic and your games with a everyday Internet connection required... But I don't care if you waste your money...

dcbronco1757d ago

You're too stupid to think for yourself. But I noticed no denial of Sony wanting to keep your IP. You don't even have enough sense to know even the most basic rights.

syanara1757d ago

dcbronco, I am very interested in Sony's handling of Intellectual properties with indie devs. Could you point me in a direction where I could learn more?

dcbronco1757d ago

Actually I read about Sony wanting to own the IP from a article. I think owning the IP is asking way too much. If you both make money, Sony should be satisfied. You can't have it all. The IP is all a small company has. Sony has plenty of their own.

opinska1756d ago

Moron they didn't say shit about some IP bs... Beside M$ will get your face nd address and Internet IP for sure with the required Internet connection...