The Most Beautiful Thing About Next-Gen Consoles

Today Playstation.Blog shared a video titled: Conversations With Creators ~ Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The thing's Matt Strnad loves about this video is that it's not about X-new weapon, Y-new character, or Z-new level, but instead focuses on the way in which this generation of console hardware is going to enable video game developers to fully realize their visions like never before. Game developers are always going to push console hardware to it's maximum capacity be it by optimizing their code over time, learning new development tricks title to title, or creating new technologies similar to how the industry made the jump from "bump mapping" to "normal mapping"...

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thirtyandnerdy2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Xbox One, PS4-- it's all win-win. =)

Anybody think we'll see the "triple-A" titles go from 2-3 year development cycles, to more-so 4-5 year cycles on average (due to the amount of detail and scale they'll perhaps be pumping into their productions)? It's going to be interesting to see how everything pans/plays out over the coming years.

sway_z2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

I don't think so....publishers love that cash, and it's supposedly cheaper and faster to develop on next gen hardware due to the very close PC architecture.

..But I expect MMO's and Free2play services to extend those types of games.

Agree on PS4/XBone win-win have a tick )

dcbronco2022d ago

I agree. The Cell took time. These architectures are easier and they will allow developers to do more things with their time. Instead of trying to make things work properly. Now we have to hope their creativity is there and we get some new experiences.

Supermax2022d ago

I think your right on 4 to 5 year or possibly longer do too more games becomeing more like mmos to extend the life of the games.

thirtyandnerdy2022d ago

On a slight side-note (and I'm not trying to needlessly stir things up), while I think the WiiU has some brilliant potential, the thing about it that frustrates me, is that for the most part, technologically, it's preventing developers to move forward with a lot of their ideas. Sure they can get creative with the second screen (much like they can on the 3DS), but power-wise it's asking them to deal with the same hardware limitations many of them have already dealt with for the past 6-7 years, instead of saying, "You're free! And here's a second screen while we're at it!"

PigPen2022d ago

I agree, what is not to like about making a game without restrictions.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2022d ago

I believe Deep Down is the most beautiful thing about next gen consoles.

thirtyandnerdy2022d ago

I can agree to that. Personally I'm hoping it does in fact have some Dragon's Dogma blood in its veins. If not, cheers to a completely new IP then. =)

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