Xbox One development began in late 2010, Microsoft confirms

Microsoft says it began work in earnest of next-generation platform nearly three years ago; over 100 concepts evolved into Xbox One.
Microsoft began work in earnest on the Xbox One in late 2010, the company explained in a new video posted to the Xbox Wire.

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GribbleGrunger1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

So the development has only been three years. I think perhaps the rumour that the PS4 reveal caught MS off guard and that they are six months behind in game development, has some validity.

dedicatedtogamers1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

It also means that Xbox One has had - tops - 2 years of R&D. That doesn't give me confidence in the hardware's reliability.

Wii-U was in development for 6+ years (I think; Iwata said something about the Touchpad being in development before the Wii even came out) and PS4 has been in development since 2007-2008. 2010 was when Kinect launched, which means that Microsoft intended Kinect to basically be a customer-funded R&D project, since they had no intention of supporting the thing long-term.

Utalkin2me1879d ago

Why shouldn't it? Look at MS track record with reliable consoles....wait nevermind.

GusBricker1879d ago

Original Xbox was a beast.

And the 360's problems were caused by the last minute upgrade on RAM. Just not enough room in the box. MS's mistake and they paid dearly for it.

But the slim 360 is also a beast.

EasilyTheBest1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

The Bullcrap ppl write on here is a constant stream of entertainment. Who needs stand up when you can read Xbox One posts.

dedicatedtogamers my arse

I suppose the PS4 will have an even deeper deeper black than the Xbox One black aswell.

n4g_someone1879d ago

I had the same thought with their RROD issue.

nukeitall1879d ago


MS might be flattered that you think MS designed Xbox One in half the time Sony did, but,if you took the time to see past the misleading headline you would know they are talking about the design if the box itself, user interface and so on.

Also,reliability isn't about how long it has been in development, but rather how *well* it has been tested!

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abzdine1879d ago

you might be right. So for the future buyers, beware of RRODs because they have apparently not had the time to finalize everything. PS4 has been in development since 2007

NextGen24Gamer1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Did yall watch the video? The Xbox One has been in the works for over 7 years! LOL...They are only talking about the design and LOOK of the console! Not the internal pieces. 2 to 3 years designing the look of the console! And in my opinion it looks fantastic! It looks expensive, it looks simple, and it looks sharp with the liquid black finish!

HammadTheBeast1879d ago

It took them 2-3 years to design this?

Sony should sue for copying the Betamax design.

1879d ago
Gildarts1879d ago

Lol its a missunderstanding. The design took them 3 years. Not Development xD.

AhmadCentral1879d ago

PS4 was green lit in 2008

ThatsGaming1879d ago

I don't know why 3 years is not long...

Technology changes at such a rampant pace that it is an eternity...

I cant see devt being any longer than 3 years. By the time you get the product to market it would be out of date.

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Thatguy-3101879d ago

That's why it represents so much of how Microsoft has been handling the 360 ever since 010.

M-M1879d ago

I know, it's all coming together. The first Kinect was just to test the waters and develop a better version for the next system. That also lead to them with the lack of first party game support, which they used to have but abandoned their developers little by little.

dedicatedtogamers1879d ago

Huh. PS4 development began in 2008 according to Mark Cerny.

Another rushed-to-the-market RRoD fiasco? I certainly hope not. Less than 3 years of development is not enough time for a game console, let alone an all-in-one media device.

GribbleGrunger1879d ago

I reckon that's why the box is so big. They want that ventilation badly.

Gildarts1879d ago

The design took 3 years not the internal components or something. This is a misunderstanding, watch the video Lol. You can't develop a console in 3 years even if you wanted to.

Majin-vegeta1879d ago

Oh boy not good here comes another RROD fiasco again.

NYC_Gamer1879d ago

I doubt that since MS is using the AMD APU combo

Mr_Nuts1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I think he meant it as in another launch problem LIKE the RROD fiasco, not the actual problem being another RROD scenario

Ashunderfire861879d ago

The One system that takes over your TV, the One system takes over your living room, and it's all in One entertainment.... And it's also will be the One to see the Red Ring of Death... Again!!! From the team that brought you the Xbox and the 360!!! Comes The Red Ring of Death Again!!! Rated R, for gamer rage and profanity.

BattleTorn1879d ago

I can tell you derive immense enjoyment from your trolling...

I almost wanted to give you a bubble.

forum671879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Its fine. The AMD Radeon 7000 series itself got launched for PC gamers during Jan 2012 (which will be used in both consoles)

Hence , 2010(xbox) is not bad but 2008(ps4) is great. Assuming a lot of paperworks/discussion/meetings by the Sony guys.

At the same time ,Sony must have something superior other than hardware specs due to its 2 years advantage.

Personally , i would like to see a better looking console than the VCR.

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