The Shooter Fanatic's Guide to E3 2013

E3 2013 is just around the corner now and it's time to start preparing ourselves for what we can expect at the biggest North American gaming convention of the year.

The event is always huge, particularly as first-person shooters get more and more popular, the genre sees more and more blockbuster titles being announced at the event in Los Angeles.

As we get closer to this massive weekend, FPS General takes a look at what FPS and third-person shooter fanatics can look forward to at the event.

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GamingAngelGabriel1998d ago

The crossed out Barbie title made me chuckle. Good picks, although some (Ubisoft's games) aren't exactly shooters. They do have shooting in them, though.

JohnApocalypse1998d ago

Man, I REALLY hope they show Patriots there. The Rainbow 6 franchise is some quality shit

GamingAngelGabriel1998d ago

I agree. The teaser they showed a few years ago looked amazing.