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Sony CEO plays down ‘media hub’ and says PlayStation 4 is for gamers

Sony chief executive Kazuo Hirai said that the PlayStation 4 will differ from Microsoft’s Xbox One, which is being pitched as an all-in-one entertainment box in the living room. (PS4, Sony)

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Snookies12  +   820d ago | Well said
Kaz has really helped turn Sony around. Glad he's focusing more on what a console needs to be about. (Games) That is the primary thing, and always should be the primary thing.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   820d ago | Well said
Thing is, we all know that Playstation 4 is for gamers. Kaz isn't just blowing hot PR air. We've seen Sony's devotion to games day in and day out.

I'm certainly glad they acknowledge the PS4 isn't focused on being a media hub. Now let's just hear some confirmation for no used-game restrictions and optional PS Eye camera and we're golden.
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Skips  +   820d ago | Well said
PlayStation = Built by gamers...

And Sony knows this.
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-Mika-  +   820d ago
I don't understand why it can't be both. Sony just focusing on gaming is not going to make the ps4 a mainstream product and that a bad thing. Making your console basically an all-in-1 device is alot better than just focusing on gaming. MS is once again going to possibly outsell Sony because the casuals would want that media console that can also play games very well.

Plus I think you guys are underestimating MS. They are not going to 100% focus on media. They already have a bunch of exclusives in development and with all the innovative gaming they added in the 360 overtime. Im not worried about them about the core. They will do a good job at balancing and that will make them a success for core and casuals.
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   820d ago | Funny
-reads Mika post-


Sorry I had no choice.
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Blastoise  +   820d ago | Well said

It can be both and it will be both, PS3 is the top ranking platform for Netflix right now.

The point he's making is that gaming comes first, I don't understand why you're complaining. More games and a focus on gamers is a good thing. Simple as that

You do actually like games? Right?
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raWfodog  +   820d ago | Well said
@Mika - Since she (I think its a she) obviously didn't take the time to read the article:

"He said Sony would add other entertainment apps, “But that’s after we establish the platform as a video game platform. We want to make sure that we are there for the gamers with our PS4 as well. They will go beyond this, but they’ll definitely start with gamer first."

In other words, they will have other stuff as well besides just games.

..And what makes you think that the 360 'outsold' the PS3?
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kneon  +   820d ago

The casuals buy less software, and that's where the money is, not in the hardware. So it's fine to get the casuals on board but without the core audience profits will be lower.

Besides the xb1 is competing with set top boxes, TV's , phones and tablets for the casuals so there is certainly no guarantee of success.
SilentNegotiator  +   820d ago
And it's not like Ps4 won't have media. They'll surely have all of the services available before and probably more.

Even when Ps3 was supposedly "all about media" for simply having a Blu-ray drive, we got games like Uncharted:DF, Heavenly Sword, R&C, etc, etc.
GameSpawn  +   820d ago | Well said
PS3/PS4 - Gaming Console that can also do entertainment

Xbox One - Entertainment Hub that can also do games

It's all perspective, but to who it's going to matter to only one of those perspectives is correct, the other only leads to alienation.

Remember more money is to be made from games+dlc and accessories and their respective licensing than from the actual hardware itself. The games and licensing fees (made from 3rd party developers) is were the gift keeps on giving. You can only sell the console so many times to one individual, but that one individual can buy MANY games, if the console entices them to keep buying them anyway.

If your attach rate is going to end up being low because you didn't focus on gaming as the core or at least what the core gamer wants, you better damn well be making a great profit off the hardware to stay afloat (ie. the Wii).

We'll see what happens. If Microsoft hopes they can ride Nintendo's Wii success, that is their gamble. If you ask me Nintendo's Wii success was a fad that has passed and the WiiU has proved that. The same formula doesn't always work more than once, much less a slightly adapted formula just used by someone else.

I'll just end with this to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft:
Remember who got you where you are...respect what they want.
Tetsujin  +   820d ago

Never go full retard


This just helps further confirms what console I'll be buying at midnight; games first and everything else second.
stage88  +   820d ago
Good ol' Kaz.

Giving gamers what they want.
brave27heart  +   820d ago
Its a business strategy. Early adopters are almost exclusively gamers (with a few techies thrown in). Make the console about gaming then add apps and entertainment features to broaden the scope once you've got the solid user base.

Its what the 360 did. It was all about the games first half of its life, then look at the last few years.
morganfell  +   820d ago | Helpful
Kaz Hirai is a Yakuza boss. After the two analysts (ha ha ha - worthless pinheads) finish talking the interview with Hirai begins. He should be running Japan and not just Sony. Here is the interview from today.

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Conzul  +   820d ago
Um...guys, Mika's actually right for once.
MysticStrummer  +   820d ago
@Mika -

"Making your console basically an all-in-1 device is alot better than just focusing on gaming."

Requiring your console to be online, even periodically, means a huge chunk of sales you got last gen won't happen again.

"MS is once again going to possibly outsell Sony"

For something to happen once again it has to happen at least once before.

"Plus I think you guys are underestimating MS. They are not going to 100% focus on media."

Of course not, but a comparison of the specs shows that PS4 will outperform One with games. Even Epic... you know the Gears of War devs who favored the 360? Yeah, them. They said PS4 outperformed One while running Unreal Engine 4. You'd think devs, and Epic in particular, would know about the power of the cloud.


Neither console runs UE4 to Epic's satisfaction, but...

"Microsoft’s latest console will be able to drive even less performance than the PS4, dashing Epic’s hopes for this generation of consoles."
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The_KELRaTH  +   820d ago
I didn't buy a Sky TV box for games - BUT there are games available on it. I won't be buying a games system for TV/music/photos - but it will likely all be there as we've seen with the PS3

MS promoting the Xbox One as a media hub is also quite misleading as from what I've read, the TV channels/recording features will only work in the USA.
Army_of_Darkness  +   820d ago
"He concluded, “For us, it’s all about the gamers.”
Respect. How can any gamer disagree or even hate on Sony's PS4??
maddfoxx  +   820d ago
"MS is once again going to possibly outsell Sony".

Can you name a Microsoft console that outsold a console by Sony? Because I know I can't.
KiLLeRCLaM  +   819d ago
@Mika -

"Making your console basically an all-in-1 device is alot better than just focusing on gaming."

What are PC's and Mac's?
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   819d ago
@mika My goodness do you hear yourself. You are a pathetic excuse of a gamer if that's how you think.
DAS692  +   819d ago
You have simply f&@!?ed up ;)
Gimmemorebubblez  +   819d ago
"enjoy your kinect sensor"
............................. .-_-
enjoy your eyetoy.
duli14  +   820d ago
Bubbles for you, not like you need anymore lol
Snookies12  +   820d ago
The disagrees thought I needed more? o_o

Lol thank you, I do agree though I have plenty as is!
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abzdine  +   820d ago
Kaz is the best CEO

EDIT: I enjoyed his presentation at last CEO, it really shows how committed he is to the Sony brand in general.

Here is the CES conference for those who are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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travelguy2k  +   820d ago
Irony, This is kinda the opposite of the Ps3 launch, They were trying to position the PS3 as a all in one media box.

After all... it only does everything...
Conzul  +   820d ago
The problem with the PS3 wasn't it's paradigm, it was the difficult hardware.

I rather like the "it only does everything" paradigm.
travelguy2k  +   819d ago
I agree, i just think the all hate for the Xbone is unnecessary. I more "next gen" devices strived to offer so many improvements upon the last... as i look at my iphone 5...
abzdine  +   819d ago
At least it did gaming when it first came out
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Arai  +   820d ago
He's somewhat of an iconic figure, as he's been with us PlayStation fans since the beginning of it all.
This is a good watch for anyone that likes the PS brand, it also tells you a bit what to expect from him as CEO.

In some ways he's like the Michael for the loyal fans, hence the crazy following of Kaz.
Thantalas  +   820d ago
Kaz: "“For us, it’s all about the gamers.”
Thank you.
oof46  +   820d ago
Prior to any new reveals at e3, it seems Microsoft is gambling on the mass market, while Sony is banking on the core gamer.
JoGam  +   820d ago
Love both Kaz and Jack Tretten.
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   820d ago
But I thought it only does everything? Lol.. one of the huge points of having a PS3, now it's all changed. Makes you wonder what all the Sony fans were fighting for then when they were on team "it does everything".
MRMagoo123  +   820d ago
makes you wonder why you even commented in the first place huh.

From what i can see after going to 4 different EBgames and a couple jb hifis in my area ps4 has about 11 to 1 ratio of preorders compared to the xbone and apparently some ppl have cancelled orders for the xbone after finding out about the having to log on every day to use it.
CommonSense  +   820d ago
Official pre-orders haven't started yet. You're full of it.
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irepbtown  +   819d ago
Go over to Amazon, PS4 and Xbox One are listed at £599.99 (UK Amazon of course). Obviously the prices will be lower but my point is, you can pre-order now.

I put a £20 deposit for the PS4 at Game.co.uk over a month ago.
GT67  +   820d ago
I dont understand why gamers getting disagrees when everyone know SONY cares more about delivering games first than being a all in one media hub, like MS mistake was.
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CommonSense  +   820d ago
All he's doing is pandering to his idiot audience based on the backlash from MS's press conference.

Snap out of it, fanboys.
Good_news_every1   819d ago | Spam
G20WLY  +   819d ago
Oh hello "CommonSense", I see you have another account...lmao

Kaz is communicating with his loyal fanbase - that's a more eloquent way to say what you said.

And guess why they're loyal? That's right, because Sony brings the games to the gamers and offers great value. Consider whether the same can be said for their main competitor...I don't need to spell it out for you...or do I? lol! :P
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showtimefolks  +   819d ago
i think sony will also offer many entertainment services but at heart will be a gaming consoles

built for easier development
built for gamers
humbleopinion  +   819d ago
Yeah, I'm really glad Kaz in charge. It seems like a complete 180 from the PS3 which was promoted as an entertainment hub with heavy emphasis on bluray movies.
Together with Peter Moore leaving MS, it's as if they switched sides: the X360 was marketed as a gaming machine VS the PS3 entertainment hub, and now we see things completely turned around.
batbatz  +   819d ago
agreed 110%, I have a cable box already..
DonFreezer  +   819d ago
They only think you should be glad for for him being smart enough.If the internet applauded Microsoft for what they did he would be full mouthed about the media features of the PS4.
DarthJay  +   819d ago
If he wanted to really help turn Sony around, he would start focusing on the media aspect of the box. The advantage the PS3 had over the Xbox 360 was that it was also a Blu Ray player, and I know a lot of Playstation fans don't want to hear this, but there is a very large number of people that own a Playstation 3 and don't use it for games. Back when all Blu Ray players were $300+, people at Best Buy and Circuit City and other retailers would package them with TV's because it was the best Blu Ray player on the market.

There is no shame in marketing it for every capability.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   819d ago
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Majin-vegeta  +   820d ago | Well said
Damn right and what they have shown so far is nothing short of amazing.
Mr_Nuts  +   820d ago
*** He said Sony would add other entertainment apps, “But that’s after we establish the platform as a video game platform. ***

That's what I want to hear

This is what I don't get with Microsoft if you want to make an entertainment box then all you have to do is slowly add onto the Xbox One after it's been released but because it's a games console your focus should be games.

If Sony want to add stuff like the Xbox One has fine, but because they acknowledge that gamers and games come first then I will be alright with that because they are catering to my needs first.
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sway_z  +   820d ago
Yes, the alternative entertainment features should take 2nd place...

I know for sure, if PS4 users wish to watch tv/video or music/web..they will be able to.

Xbox fanatics seem to forget, Sony already tried this all-in-one route with PS3, and they got slammed by the media and by Xbox spams for not pushing the games aspect.

#1 for Games and #1 for Netflix
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faysal  +   820d ago | Well said
after all this sony is doing for us gamers.. everyone should buy a ps4 if you consider yourself as agamer! anybody that hates on ps4 is a disgrace to gaming community.. PS4LIFE
BlackTar187  +   820d ago
Im not sure i go overboard like you but really the reason people hate on playstation or so dumb. I mean sure list some good ones. But don't list they are full of themselves or they said get a second job. Those small things said by a Cingular person should not decide your overall value in a product.
faysal  +   820d ago
so what? every single corporation in the world says something stupid stuff like that. that doesnt mean we should take thoes few bad words and completely eliminate the good stuff they are doing for us...
killerbotmax  +   819d ago
No. I'd rather pay for the software without also having to pay for a little bit of the hardware again every single time. True gamers who care for the art form will never buy a console.
yesmynameissumo  +   820d ago
And this is why I game on PlayStation.

EDIT: I had a 360, guess what happened to it? Haha. I also have a 3DS, Vita, Wii U and PS3. Have yet to feel like I'm missing out on anything on the Xbox platform.
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Saints94  +   820d ago
Have both PS3 and Xbox but going to stay on PS4 in the future.
BlackTar187  +   820d ago
Got them all. And i plan on owning all them for as long as im able but new xbox features are anti -me personally so it could be the first Video game console mainstream released i did not own.

I owned jaguar and 3DO
nypifisel  +   819d ago
I'm so sorry BlackTar, no one deserves having owned 3DO and Jaguar! Hope you're feeling better today!
PSVita  +   820d ago
I'm excited about the news that you'll be able to play every game on the Vita. I want one but I don't think I'd use it too much, but if I can take games like infamous, drive club or destiny on the go I'd defiantly get one.

Yes, i know my names psvita lol
yesmynameissumo  +   820d ago
When my wife starts watching TV, I can't wait to remote play some Infamous of Killzone.
VitaOwner  +   819d ago
Vita Rules!!
Number-Nine  +   820d ago
riddddddddddddddddddddddddge raaaaaaaaaaaacer!!!

my man!
Eyesoffiction  +   820d ago
This man understands, Microsfot can learn from this.
SpinalRemains  +   820d ago
That implies that MS cares about gamers. They clearly don't.

There's nothing for them to learn. They have their plan of a gaming device on which the games play second fiddle to tv and Kinect and that's that.
Eyesoffiction  +   820d ago
I wish i could disagree with you but i can't, Microsoft has really done it this time.
ape007  +   819d ago
u sure games are second fiddle inxbox 1? GOD how fanboys are blind

for kz u have halo

drive club u have forza 5

heavy rain sequel u have quantum break

infamous u have crackdown 3

new naughty dog game u have gears of war on unreal 4

and there are 7 other new exclusives buddy

deep down, watch dogs, bf4, cod, destiny etc... they are all multiplats and all will play better on xbox one controller
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   819d ago
"u sure games are second fiddle inxbox 1? GOD how fanboys are blind

for kz u have halo

drive club u have forza 5

heavy rain sequel u have quantum break

infamous u have crackdown 3

new naughty dog game u have gears of war on unreal 4

and there are 7 other new exclusives buddy "

deep down, watch dogs, bf4, cod, destiny etc... they are all multiplats and all will play better on xbox one controller
When your comment looks like they've been typed by an ape then you just can't take your comment seriously.
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kma2k  +   820d ago
IMO the UI needed the touch up its getting, but as long as i can still store my music, pictures, & videos on the ps4 im good. Oh well & still have access to netflix & mlb.tv

My biggest shock when i got a 360 was i couldn't store whatever i wanted on the HDD, i figured this was a given & hope the ps4 will continue this.

I would apreciate the ability to play more video formats.

Another thing as a gamer who had his ps3 die a couple times the xboxone ability to play tv meaning it would be on almost all the time scares me, i cant be the only one leary of running something that expensive that long, can I?
brave27heart  +   820d ago
Wait...you cant store things like music, photos or videos on the 360s HDD? I never knew that!
kma2k  +   820d ago
you can plug in an external HDD & play movies off of there but you cant store video files on your 360 hdd it wont let you. I do this A LOT on my ps3 i have a lot of shows & movies stored there i watch whenever.
HyperBear  +   820d ago
"But that’s after we establish the platform as a video game platform."

Hey Microsoft, did you read that?
nitrogav  +   820d ago
If all I get on ps4 app wise , youtube and lovefilm then I would be happy . Then rest of my time going through all those new game's , game's and more game's !! . Can't wait .
Ashunderfire86  +   820d ago
And that is why I am getting PS4 first over Xbox One and Wii U. Glad I waited.
from the beach  +   820d ago
Well, being a 'media hub' has served PlayStation very well in the past - in fact, the PS2's ability to play DVDs was instrumental in giving it the advantage over Dreamcast.

So yeah, bit rich Kaz!
BlackTar187  +   820d ago
beach are you missing the point of what he is saying? Do people need to break it down for you>

He is not saying pl4 won't be a media hub or that the past ones weren't for their time he is saying that one group and purpuse is for gamers the rest is secondary. Sad i had to break that down for you
from the beach  +   820d ago
Oh I see now, thanks.
Sarobi  +   820d ago
At least with Sony you don't have to wait for E3 to know you'll be getting games.
Saleem101  +   820d ago
Godmars290  +   820d ago
Hope that only means no direct TV apps. Internet related ones, BlipTV and the like, are good enough.
Roper316  +   820d ago
we all know both consoles will have media features. But for a game console do you really want that to be the main focus over games for your games console?
MultiConsoleGamer  +   820d ago
Sony 2001: PS2 is a media hub!
Sony 2004: PSP is a media hub!
Sony 2006: PS3 is a media hub!
Sony 2011: PSV is a media hub!
Sony 2013: PS4 is for gamers. Press X to share on Facebook.

PS4 will play movies, music, media and games. PS4 will interact with social media. It does all the same things as Xbox One, and then some.

This is just marketing spin and the gullible fanboys have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.
Sarobi  +   820d ago | Well said
-Achievements for watching TV
-Watch TV while skyping
-Watch TV while skyping and looking at sports fantasy
-Watch TV as Kinect learns more about you and gives you more things to watch
-Instant Switching so you can go from Windows 8 Apps to TV

You want to experience Xbox One right now? Go buy Apple TV/Google TV or any other type of Smart TV that uses apps and comes with Onlive
sway_z  +   820d ago
Call yourself a MultiConsoleGamer? ...Don't make me laugh!

You are one sad nut sack, always trolling on PS fans by stealth, you fool only yourself....Wolf in Sheep clothing!

Your name does not suit you.



Well I for one am hoping you just get an Xbox, we don't need you fakers trolling on PSN.

#18.2 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   820d ago
More like telling the truth ignorant fanboys don't want to hear.

I'm far more excited about the PS4 than I am about the Xbox One. But I'm also smart enough to see through marketing spin. And only fanboy dullards act like mindless corporate cheerleaders.

And you call yourself a Sony fan? Well its obvious you don't remember anything about the history of the company. Maybe you're too young? Judging by the maturity level of your reply I'd say that's probably the case.

BTW, all those Sony products I mentioned in my first post. I bought them ALL on launch day. Cry some more fanboys.

Edit: and I love the ignorant fanboy assumption that MS is actually going to focus more on non gaming features, simply because it has them, on a video game console.

And when your favorite company does it everything is cool, but when the enemy does it you spin it in a bad light. Utterly pathetic.
#18.2.1 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(29) | Report
ziggurcat  +   820d ago
@ multiconsolegamer:

"and I love the ignorant fanboy assumption that MS is actually going to focus more on non gaming features, simply because it has them, on a video game console."

you did see the xbone reveal, right? and you did see the PS4 reveal, right? because the focus of the xbox reveal was TV, and sports. the focus of the PS4 reveal was games.
N311V  +   820d ago
Yes the consols will have similar capabilities. The difference I think we're worried about is that MS with its focus on media will be investing in TV shows (Halo TV show says hello) whereas Sony will invest in what we want, blockbuster exclusive games.

I'm clinging on to MS having a great E3 but I'm not optimistic. 15 exclusives with 8 new IP but they couldn't even show us a quick screenshot montage doesn't bode well.
MetalProxy  +   820d ago
Agreed and iam not going after you but M$ could have 50 exclusives and it wont change the fact the most of those games will be timed exclusives. Look at the current gen and see what happened...Mass Effect, Bioshock, Limbo, Castle Crashers, etc, etc. Imo games and E3 wont save them for me.
EasilyTheBest  +   820d ago
@ ziggurcat
because the focus of the xbox reveal was TV, and sports. the focus of the PS4 reveal was games.

You did know the Xbox One reveal was 2 weeks away from E3 right?
You did realise that the PS4 reveal was back in Febuary?
If you use your brain you may work the answer out by yourself.
dcbronco  +   820d ago
Scottis I guess you could say Sony is focused on making TV shows, movies, TVs and financial services. It's like saying MS is focused on software. It a huge company that spent millions hiring high level executives to make TV shows for them. They have the resources to do a lot of things at once. It's not like Microsoft is someones name and that one person is trying to do all of these things.
raWfodog  +   820d ago
But you miss the poijnt of what he's saying. He did not say that it wouldn't do all of those other things. He just said that they will be putting gamers first. Everyone knows that the PS4 will be able to do most, if not all, of the things that the X1 will do. But gamers are more concerned about the 'games'. We don't want the FOCUS to be on some media hub.

I just wanted to hear more about the games on X1. Not some 15 minute presentation at the end.
#18.4 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
G20WLY  +   820d ago
Actually you press the 'share' button to share on Facebook. You're welcome ;)

As a MultiConsoleGamer, you probably should know that...wait a minute! Could it be that you're a faker?! *SHOCK!*
PANTHER1030  +   820d ago
M U L T I - T R O L L .
MysticStrummer  +   820d ago
Here's where you're wrong, Multi...

With the previous generations, Sony emphasized games but also said the platform could do other things. With PS3 Sony emphasized it's multimedia capabilities at first, but then switched their marketing (such as it was) back to being mainly game oriented. All they're doing with PS4 is the same thing they did at the beginning of every gen except PS3's.
_-EDMIX-_  +   820d ago
Sony bought teams, made a lot of new IPs every gen etc.

Just saying...Sony didn't spend 100 million on NFL....just saying.
nnodley  +   820d ago
Correction: Sony isn't spending 400 million on NFL.
Gamer-Z  +   820d ago
All i want is GAMES!

CommonSenseGamer  +   820d ago
I'm not so sure the "games only" message is the right one. Its what they used for the Vita and if anything that has shown us just how few people buy nowadays just based on gaming.

I'm sure the PS4 will be a great gaming console but why limit its initial appeal to a wider audience?
LeoDDestroyer  +   820d ago
Well that because it is the gamers that are the early adopter of the newest consoles so it follows if you get them on board first then you can expand into other areas.
Skips  +   820d ago
"Its what they used for the Vita and if anything that has shown us just how few people buy nowadays just based on gaming."

Uhhhhm Vita's problem isn't because it's focus on games. It's problem is LACK OF games and overpriced memory cards. -_- Where have you been?

Look at the 3DS... Can't really do anything on it BUT game.

3DS = Crap load of games/cheap = Doing awesome...

Vita = Games still yet to come/expensive memory cards = Not doing awesome...
#20.2 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Kingthrash360  +   820d ago
common...hi me again...I still know your an idiot whom lacks the sense your name implies.
I dont even read your comments because the disagrees always sweep your agrees..smh @ 2 bubs..should be 1
MysticStrummer  +   820d ago
"I'm sure the PS4 will be a great gaming console but why limit its initial appeal to a wider audience?"

Because they tried emphasizing PS3's multi-media capabilities at first, but it worked better for them to emphasize games.
#20.4 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
AceofStaves  +   820d ago
Actually, multimedia has always been part of Vita. I, for one, enjoy watching YouTube and Netflix vids on its gorgeous screen and checking my gmail with the Gmail app, in addition to playing games on it.

Games are the main focus of Vita, but it's a robust media platform as well.
Hicken  +   820d ago
It's not "games only," but "games first."

Can't believe how difficult this is to understand.

The reveal of a gaming console should emphasize the gaming aspect, even if other things are present and important parts of the console.

Common sense, right? That a video game system would be marketed as that, primarily. That the announcement and/or reveal of such a device would also, similarly, revolve around games.

This doesn't mean that it's ONLY about games. Nor does Hirai's comment. It DOES mean you're mindful of, and catering to, your most important market.
NateCole  +   819d ago
Clearly you don't have any common sense.
Shad0wRunner  +   820d ago
Okay, it better have USB ports and it better let me play my media from my external HDD AT LAUNCH!

It better be able to play ALL video formats including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, AVI, MKV, etc...

It better have a decent web browser too. PS3 failed at this!

In fact...it better be able to do everything the PS3 can do, right out of the box, on DAY ONE in regards to media playback.
CommonSenseGamer  +   820d ago
Apparently None of what you are wanting is wanted by those who play games.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   820d ago
OR it could mean that none of what he wants is a MUST or DEAL BREAKER for those who play games.

You some common sense.
G20WLY  +   819d ago
How exactly did you arrive at that wonky conclusion? lol!

Let me help you to understand. It's about priorities; games first, everything else later. Of course, in an ideal world we get it all at once and it'll flawless, but no console manufacturer is likely to manage that out of the box.
JimCom95  +   820d ago
Kaz is a great a man.
MasterCornholio  +   820d ago
Games first then everything else.

That is what i want from a gaming console.
cyhm3112  +   820d ago
MS isn't even willing to call xbone a console, they think call xbone a console is a shame to the company and the machine, they don't like games that much, they give out a message, they care about games but not as much as TV or skype. Are games really that bad to you, Microsoft?
D_RoyJenkins  +   820d ago
Kaz Hirai is the man. Kaz, Shuhei Yoshida and Shahid Ahmad are the stars of Sony right now
Snookies12  +   819d ago
You got all but one. Mark Cerny as well.
isarai  +   820d ago
Thank you Kaz, i don't buy a console to do things every other device that connects to the internet offer, i buy it to play games. if it just happens to come with the other stuff, neat, but it aint a selling point for me
D_RoyJenkins  +   820d ago
Sorry, double post
#27 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Snookies12  +   819d ago
*Ragna voice* JIN!!

Lol, it happens.
#27.1 (Edited 819d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
thinktwice  +   820d ago
pretty much at the end of the article it said the ps4 will release in fall. When at the conference it said holidays.. huh
#28 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Cryptcuzz  +   820d ago
This is why I will be sticking with the PS4 Next Gen as well.
I want to buy my games console from a company I know will have games as their primary focus.

Make the games experience the best possible and everything else will just sweeten the deal.

The PS3 already has a robust media and entertainment features I am sure will be carried over to the PS4. With that in mind, if they can add upon those features already available on the PS3, what else is there to focus on other then the gaming experience.

First turn: Tap one Mana, cast PS4 - GO!
Second turn: WIN (PS4 is unaffected by summoning sickness)
PirateThom  +   820d ago
It's ridiculous that Sony have had to state they're making a game console with a focus on playing games.
Nik_P757  +   820d ago
It's crazy that Microsoft has made a game console and focused on cable tv.
#30.1 (Edited 820d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
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