Kaz Hirai on Xbox One vs. PS4 This Holiday: “We Want to Have the Best and Compelling Games”

Kaz Hirai, CEO of Sony and Hottest Man in Games, was interviewed today on CNBC as part of a larger story that involved Sony as a whole, including their $8.5 billion dollars lost in the Electronics sector during the past decade.

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ftwrthtx1726d ago

Just like the Kinect camera? LOL

Elimin81726d ago

Thats a low blow bro... lol

THE-COMMANDER1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Nice one, LOL!

ftwrthtx1725d ago

The PS Eye can be unplugged and games not needing it will work fine, so, it's not like the PS Eye.

creized11725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

While i am sat playing my PS4 with the PSey in its box, you will have the kinect staring at your face.

The_Con-Sept1725d ago

Always on like the motel 8 sign.

Kidmyst1725d ago

@ The_Con-Sept I think you mean Motel 6 "We'll leave the light on for ya"

aCasualGamer1725d ago

This E3 will probably be the greatest E3 of all time interms of head to head warfare between Microsoft and Sony. Think of it, this is the first time their consoles are releasing in the same period and both have lots of games to show. The prices haven't been announced yet, believe me when they announce the prices any slight difference will stir up the gaming media.

This will be so much fun, grab your drinks and order your pizza! This will be one HELL OF AN E3!

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abzdine1726d ago

“We Want to Have the Best and Compelling Games”

Killzone: SF, inFamous, Watch Dogs, Knack... I think the PS4 line-up will be the best one ever

ChiaPet1726d ago

Lol dude, watch dogs isn't an exclusive so it really isn't worth mentioning since it will be available on other platforms...

JoGam1726d ago

@Chiapet, He never mentions exclusive games. He said compelling. And notice he didnt edit his comment either.

So yes PS4 will have compelling games. Some exclusive some not.

One4U1725d ago

OMG i can taste the future !

Skate-AK1725d ago

Sadly you forgot about Drive Club.

N4realGMRZ1725d ago

Knack??? are you kidding? i wouldn't look at that game twice if it was on the Wii U......give me a break.

waltercross1725d ago

@ N4realGMRZ

I'll be getting Knack!, You can stick to your 1st person shooters.

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Docknoss1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

No one has phyiscally seen the PS4 how do you know the eye can be unplugged? You fanboys act like the xbox killed your whole family and now you have a vendetta. Stop.being lame and let people enjoy whatever console they choose.

TrendyGamers1726d ago

If inFamous: Second Son comes out this holiday, they will fulfill both those points in my eyes.

Majin-vegeta1726d ago

There's been nothing but positive vibe for the PS4 both from Gamers and DEVS.I for one can't wait to have this bad boy next to my Sony family.Which includes PS1,PS2,PS3 and soon to be PS4.

ftwrthtx1726d ago

As always, with a console war, the consumer wins.

dbjj120881726d ago

Third parties look to have the best games for next-gen imo.

Roper3161726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

sounds like a typical MS gamer that only has multiplat games to judge because MS hasn't invested in a new 1st party exclusive in the last 4 years or so.

edit -

other than garbage like Kinectimals that is. And if that was my console of choice 1st party offerings the 3rd party games would look better to me too.

sway_z1726d ago

Haha sooo game havin' mo'fo's lol

Genuine-User1726d ago

I doubt microsoft as much as you but I have a feeling they will surprise us big time this E3.
By surprise I mean they will have a lot of compelling exclusives.

Demobot1725d ago

Except that MS is reportedly spending 1 billion on exclusive content.

windblowsagain1726d ago

Why because you like xbone. lol.

No other company in gaming touches SONY's 1st party.

superterabyte1726d ago

Nintendo have good first party titles however they are the same first party titles (pretty much) from the NES era.

BeZdaBest1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

nah nintendo on average come out with 3 new ips (per system) plus there original powerhouse of characters...its just that the main ninty characters shine to bright..and leave most new ips in the shadows..

sony is taking a cue from nintendo to spread the love over console generation (god of war .. ratchet.. infamous..)

nintendo comes out with one MAIN game in each series for each console (except wii)

sony at least 3 MAIN games per console...

yet no one has a problem with this...

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