So I bought a Wii U... (Epilogue)

This is a follow up to my original article ‘So I Bought a Wii U…‘, published January 16 2013. These paragraphs will seek to tell the hidden story that followed on from my mid-January purchase of Nintendo’s latest ‘masterpiece’ and 4 months of ownership. Did I enjoy it? Did it become yet another dainty dust catcher next to my TV, suffering the same fate that befell its predecessor? Read on and find out…

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Guess he could't survive the game drought. Srsly tho he only played 2 wiiU games should've at least checked out new super Mario bros. Or at least waited for E3 to see what Nintendo will offer in the future.

paul19741729d ago

i guy who admits he lives in a dirt infested house! nice.. from reading your lame article all i learnt is your single because no woman would allow a thick level of dust to build up on anything!!! the fact I am writing this shows how interesting your article was ;)

NiteX1729d ago

You must know few women. Unless all the ones I know are lazy slobs.

MNGamer-N1729d ago

To each his own I guess. Why someone would want to miss out on any game system is beyond me... I personally love it and am anxiously awaiting new and exciting game releases.

I will also be visiting my local Best Buy in Eden Prairie, MN on June 12th 4pm-8pm for the E3 Nintendo Experience. There is much enjoyment on it's way.

Utalkin2me1729d ago

So you're buying a Xbox1?

MNGamer-N1729d ago

Ha actually I might get one, but it sure won't be at launch. I will be supporting Sony at launch I have decided.

mudmax1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

Going to Best Buy also. Can't wait to see what will be there besides the obvious ones.

Williamson1729d ago

I thought nsmb u would be too similar to the wii game but was I ever wrong. Really fun game that has a super Mario world vibe to it. Just hoping to be blown away by the 3d Mario coming to the Wii U.

jcnba281729d ago

Couldn't agree more, it was way better than the original on Wii.

darthv721729d ago

along with sonic all star racing transformed. just picked them up from the post office this morning. So I look forward to playing both when i get home.

I have read and see vids of both and they look really fun.

PraxxtorCruel1729d ago

Just get all 3 consoles and stop bashing is my answer to fanboys on N4G.

Utalkin2me1729d ago

Really? So if you don't own all 3 your a fanboy? What if i say a certain console doesn't appeal to me and i don't like what they have to offer. So being i have a opinion that makes me a fanboy?

PraxxtorCruel1729d ago

An opinion and unnecessary bashing are two different things. You know what I mean, so don't go about making fire out of smoke. Besides opinions don't reek of fanboyism.

Utalkin2me1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I know what you mean? You told me to buy all 3 console and stop being a fanboy. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If anybody is on here posting more then likely they are a fanboy of gaming in some sort, be it what platform. I consider myself a fanboy of gaming

And Btw the first thing from a fire is smoke

PraxxtorCruel1729d ago

No, I said it for the fanboys. Read it again just incase you rushed through it. By your last comment you've just admitted you're a fanboy.

mudmax1729d ago

Am I a fanboy just for defending nintendo against the bashing. Because I don't bash xbox or playstation. I just think nintendo deserves a little more respect and understanding.

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The story is too old to be commented.