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Quantum Break will not be available for Xbox One at launch

"Quantum Break will not be available for Xbox One at launch, because the development is still in an early stage" (Quantum Break, Xbox One)

vishmarx  +   322d ago
thats just great...ms killed all interest i had in xbone
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Blaze929  +   321d ago
If Microsoft killed 'all' your Xbox One interests, then what made you take your precious time out to click a Xbox One story?
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vishmarx  +   321d ago
because I still love remedy .....
ive been an xbox fan the entire generation but ms has clearly lost its way towards the end ...the first two years were chok full of exclusives until it was down to forza/gears and halo evry year...judgement is the only exclusive we have this year And then look at ps3 .....
ps4 is getting infamous kz and driveclub at launch.....
why is it then that I should even consider an xbone rnow...when quantum break releases ...sure....
but clearly @ other people talking of 15 exclusives.....only 7 are new ips and only 2 are unknown rnow...do the maths...
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Urusernamesucks  +   321d ago
Bs i doubt you were ever interested, anyways the game will be out for xbo regardless so why is everyone making such a big buzz about not being available at launch?

You cant seriously expect all 15 to launch Simultaneously,that would canibalize each others sales.
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FITgamer  +   321d ago
Why buy a system at launch if you can't play the game(s) you're interested in?
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Jaces  +   321d ago
Last I checked, having games available at the launch of a new console was a big deal, especially from a big named developer like Remedy.

...Just sayin'
onyoursistersback  +   321d ago
the only "ONLY" intrest i have on the Xbox1, is if a new Gears of War will still be exclusive to Microsoft.
or will it finally be multiplatform...
TwistedMetal  +   321d ago
i agree no use getting the xbox one first if its not gonna have games like the ps4 at launch. best thing to do for start of next gen is buy the console thats gonna have the games out for it at launch so you can actually use the console. look at all the wii u people who console is getting cheaper and cheaper while they wait and wait for games to come out. they might as well saved the 350 they payed for the wii u and picked it up at 200-250 when more games came out.

ps4 is gonna have a ton of games on launch and better multiplats because its stronger hardware. it makes sence to buy it as your first next gen console and wait to get the xbox one until an actual game comes out for it. dont get left behind get the ps4.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   322d ago
Maybe the Kotaku stories of MS being 6 months behind Sony when it comes to software development are true.
harkki86  +   321d ago
yeah the more i see about the xbone the more it makes sense. i read a story today that said microsoft started developing the xbone in late 2010, and since they are launching this year, that means less than three years to make the dang thing.
falviousuk  +   321d ago
I read a story on a game website today that said that the inside of the xbox one is basically just the insides taken from an xbox one with an extra daughter cpu to boost the speed.

It has to be true because i saw it on <insert website no one has heard of before> website.
rainslacker  +   321d ago
They started designed the console in 2007-2008. They started designing the look of the console in 2010.
Foxgod  +   321d ago
MS promised plenty of exclusives in the first year, but we will see what they are at E3.
Godmars290  +   321d ago
And its really a good sign that the one game they showed likely wont be one of them?

Also, given that the system launches late this is year, doesn't the "year" they're talking about the next? doesn't speak well for games available day-one.
Foxgod  +   321d ago
We dont know why they showed quantum, for all we know MS wants to keep all the good stuff for E3.

Besides, launch day or in the next 12 months, who cares...
Godmars290  +   321d ago
Would actually be really sad if they didn't show that game at E3. More so if the exact same footage or cut down in a sizzle reel.
dafegamer  +   321d ago
not 6 months behind sony though, 6 months in general
Urusernamesucks  +   321d ago
Currently 5 months
EVEN if that rumor was true or accurate, The 5 months will end 1 month before Christmas, Its enough time.
dboyc310  +   322d ago
whoyouwit04  +   322d ago
Ouch what? they never said this game would be a launch title only that it will launch with int the first year of the Xbox one (truthfully they never said that, I'm just assuming it will). The article says nothing to debunk that (assuming it's even legit), but I guess you sony fans can't help but to see something that's no there.
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Muerte2494  +   321d ago
Yeah, this is only....
50% percent of the games they showed at their press conference now being confirmed that it's not launching with the system. It's already half of what Sony is promising Day one EXCLUSIVE wise.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   322d ago
First thing that popped into my mind is that article of MS studios being 6 months behind schedule.MS forms a bunch of unproven studios, likely graduates fresh out of college, hands them a bunch of money and says make us games.

I can see a lot of rocky delays/cancels from here on out.
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dboyc310  +   322d ago
Happens when gaming becomes an after thought. Even if Microsoft comes out with 15 exclusives with in the year they won't stack up to the quality Sony studios provide.
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Mr_Nuts  +   322d ago
You'll know what will happen though

*** Oh but Sony exclusives hardly sell...look at Halo and Gears ***

People will start using the "sales" card again.

Sorry but I kind of think when it comes to quality Sony knows how to do it with their first party studios. God of War, Uncharted, Killzone, GT etc
Kalowest  +   322d ago
Actually, the studios MS made are full of game dev veterans!
Foxgod  +   321d ago
True, most of the studio's have been around for ages, and even the new ones such as 343 have been confirmed to consist of veterans such as ex Kojima employees.
OrangePowerz  +   321d ago
The full system is roughly 6 months behind including OS and game development. It's likely that it will be a very rushed launch because they don't want to let Sony release alone. I think there is a reason that they didn't show gameplay, because they need the extra time till E3 to get demos polished and running properly on the system.
ElitaStorm  +   322d ago
they are behind
BattleTorn  +   321d ago
UGH.... How disappointing... and disgraceful..

Com'on MS!

You can't "win E3" with games not releasing this year!!!
Foxgod  +   321d ago
We dont know yet what will release this year for either console.
Heck, we done even officially know if the Ps4 will be out in the west this year.

For all we know, the only brand that could pump out first party AAA games this year for the next gen, is Nintendo.
14Feb-R  +   321d ago
Actually the ps4 already confirmed that it's coming this year on both Europe and USA , I'm sure japan will get it too. So this means it's a world wide release since they already ignore most of the countries especially middle east and tag them with these 3 regions (usa/europe/japan).

MS didn't announce if it's coming to all regions this year or not. I bet they will only release it in USA this year..
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Hicken  +   321d ago
I'm pretty certain we know of a few for PS4. Killzone is a certainty. And I feel pretty confident Drive Club and inFamous will be there at launch, as well.

I understand what you're trying to say, but you should also understand how silly you're being. You're really just trying to take what we know and say that because we don't know exact dates, it's the same as knowing nothing. That's untrue.

The system is coming out this year, and it'll be out in the West this year. There's some question as to whether or not it'll be out in Europe before the end of the year, but it will have reached at least SOME of the West by year's end.

Nice try, though.

Edit: Oh? That's solid? Please tell me what day "December" is. Also, explain to me what business sense it would make to release in December and miss out on Black Friday.

Oops. Must have slipped your mind, huh? Unless Microsoft is just that confident that they don't need Black Friday sales.

... yeah, on second thought, it just slipped your mind, while you were busy trying to defend them.

That'll happen less if you're not always so quick to decide you're FOR them and AGAINST others. (Queue the extremely short-sighted MikeMyers with another completely off-topic comment.)
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Foxgod  +   321d ago
Yeah? wheres the release date?
Ms stated a solid December 2013, what about the ps4?
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Kayant  +   321d ago
Well there is still 6 new IP's xbox fans can always look forward apart from the two that is known so far being Quantum Break and Ryse. Hopefully for them they are mostly non kinect.
sway_z  +   321d ago
So just to get this into perspective...

MS show CGI of this (unknown) game at their XB1 reveal over many other highly expected titles.

Ok, I get it won't be ready for launch, but they showed it anyway?? ...then harp on about 15 exclusives??

If this isn't ready...what the hell is?

MS had better be able to charm a snake at E3, let alone the gamers.

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LogicStomper  +   321d ago
Well if you think about it, gamers want games. At E3, Microsoft is showing games, so of course they will be able to charm gamers. They can also charm snakes if they hired a guy to do so in the event.

ninjamonkey1982  +   321d ago
I can hear the hollowed wood above and the nails being driven in. Wonder if its Buried heads up are six feet under ;).
theWB27  +   321d ago
Must be hearing things...cause since no sales have been made, neither is winning anything. N4G seems to forget about the millions of uninformed who buy consoles because their kid wants it or how it may be cool to own either console based on who's in their circle of friends. "Hardcore" gamers make up a smaller percentage of console sales than you think.
ChiaPet  +   321d ago
More time to develop = better game

I'm fine with this if it means a better game in the long run. Plus it keeps the interest in the console over a longer period of time
Morgue  +   321d ago
The trailer looks somewhat interesting and hopefully the live action stuff won't be hokey as it already seems to be and they won't have Kinect intergration but if they do. At least have an option to use the controller.
Supermax  +   321d ago
Go youtube the ps3 reveal and see what Sony told you it was gonna do.ps3 not ps4.
Skate-AK  +   321d ago
Mmm. So that's why they showed a live-action trailer instead of gameplay or screenshots. At least when The Evil Within showed their live-action trailer they released some screenshots with it or shortly after.
Plagasx  +   321d ago
Then we better PRAY they have something much more worthy for launch...
first1NFANTRY  +   321d ago
One down, 14 to go.
Veneno  +   321d ago
Forza 5 would be 2. Then Call of Duty DLC would be 3. 12 more to go.
DevilishSix  +   321d ago
If I was to guess on how this new game by Remedy will launch. I would guess they will anounce it and show video then it will show up on the console three years lately, much like Alan Wake did. Remedy are a small studio and their development cycles tend to be slow.
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