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There is no way to explain Crash City Mayhem, is one of those games that does not really make much sense, but it is also one of those games that's not even a blemish. Crash City Mayhem saga Runabout belongs to the same as the name indicates and not even called up Runabout 3D. The inspiration of the game are undoubtedly the action movies of the 80s and we will find a lot of your typical mood and action. Explain the concept simply would have to say something like, Crash City Mayhem is a racing game that rewards the player for the destruction caused, however this description would perhaps rely on your memory images of Burnout and this is far from reality.

Before they can enter the main mode of the game will have to go through a short tutorial that teaches the basics and when I say basic mean really basic, it teaches us how to speed up from flipping the car, which seems a bit unnecessary. After passed the tedious tutorial will start the major mode, story mode. This mode despite being...

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