10 Games We Want to See on Xbox One

A console may be able to do lots of cool things with your television but it is nothing without a strong launch line-up. The Xbox One presentation only showed us about four games, which isn’t exactly a whole lot. So we took it upon ourselves to make a launch line-up for Microsoft instead. Hopefully we will see announcements for titles like these at E3 this year. These are the top 10 Games We Want to See on Xbox One. You’re welcome, Microsoft!

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jacksonmichael1998d ago

Most signs point to any further Blue Dragon games being on Nintendo consoles. Also, none of these would sell me on a One, but that's just me.

Gildarts1998d ago

Blue dragon is Microsoft IP.

Horrible list btw. So horrible. It almost seems like the site is trolling.

jacksonmichael1998d ago

There have been two Blue Dragon sequels on the DS.

shinobi891998d ago

Someone's opinion of games is trolling? Sounds like a trolling comment! :P