Why I'm Buying Xbox One and Why You (Probably) Shouldn't

CCC says: "After much consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to buy the next Xbox. It wasn’t really a tough decision, to be honest. CheatCC has no central office, so I’ll need one for work. It also has Forza, which I want "need". However, at the risk of sounding alarmist and reactionary, as of this moment I can’t, in good conscience, tell anyone to buy Microsoft’s next flagship console."

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Belking1906d ago

lol..who approves this stuff.

rainslacker1906d ago

It's a fair analysis. Since you are one of those people saying that used games hurt the industry it may be worth reading this link he provided in his article.

Real study on the effect of used games on the market.

Belking1906d ago

I don't need to read anything to know that this article is garbage.

rainslacker1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

So you admit to not reading the article?

In it he says why he's getting one, but understands why others would not want to, and analyzes those reasons, how they pertain to him, and how they may effect others.

It's not the best written article on here, but it's not really garbage. It shows both sides of the debate.

The reason I provided the link was because you like to spew off hyperbole as fact, and don't care to do any research, so thought I'd save you the trouble of having to use Google.

Hicken1906d ago

Wasting your time with this one, rainslacker. If it's not pro-Microsoft, he doesn't want to hear it.

rainslacker1906d ago

Maybe Hicken. Doesn't mean others that agree with him won't approach it with a more open mind.

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abzdine1906d ago

funny people are buying a machine when they know nothing about it! this is the most ridiculous thing

WalterWJR1906d ago

He must think he is different to everyone else.

Tokyo_reject1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

I bet you anything, people who complain about how stupid the XBOX ONE and PS4 is...know they wont be able to afford it when it comes they're salty...

cyguration1906d ago

Why would you want something that takes away ALL your consumer rights?


Has anyone yet to say what the benefit is of having fewer options to trade/sell games? For not being able to borrow from friends without using their XBL Gold account? For having to keep Kinect connected all the time to use the XB1?

I mean, what idiot really thinks it's better that we're moving toward a corporate controlled technocracy? It's like living in the land of of brain dead lounge lizards.

Revolver_X_1906d ago

All those "idiots" want to respond...

Idiots: "BAHHHH"

ChiaPet1906d ago

lol technocracy, nice word.

But really, none of this is confirmed and Microsoft could easily turn it around at E3.

But if they don't, we should not support corporate colonialism.

cyguration1906d ago

Yes this stuff is confirmed, man.

It was confirmed by their corporate vice president Phil Harrison and their lead hardware engineer in multiple interviews on different occasions right after the XB1 reveal.

Microsoft tried doing PR-spin posts to say it was all lies and fake and rumors, even though the info came DIRECTLY from them.

MS doesn't have to confirm it, they have to retract it and announce something that isn't anti-consumer at E3.

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