Rayman Legends shines brighter with new lighting, stealthy gameplay | Polygon

Polygon: "Rayman Legends' beautiful dynamic lighting is, based on recent hands-on time with the action platformer, its freshest addition to gameplay. In addition to making the game's levels look even more gorgeous, Ubisoft's updated lighting engine brings clever level design and stealth-based fun to the already stellar cooperative action of Rayman Origins."

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PigPen2022d ago

Ideed this game looks good!

iplay1up22021d ago

Too bad Ubi said that if they ported it to PS360 they said the graphics would have to take a serious downgrade....I am just saying. Also it was made for 2 screens....Any other system you are going to have a lesser quality title...Sorry but its true...Look it up for yourselves....You simply can not do what is done on Wii U with another console...