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GamesRadar: "Rayman Origins was such a delightful, underrated game. It makes us happy that Rayman and his silly group of friends return for more cooperative platforming in Rayman Legends. And while we enjoyed playing the game on a console, it’s the Vita version that got our attention. Legends takes place in what seems to be a diverse set of colorful locations that are a treat to explore. The Vita version, while only supporting two players instead of four, looks fantastic, and the levels we played were short enough to be enjoyed on a portable device. You may have seen the entire level in a previous trailer, but the Mariachi Madness level is a blast to play once you got the timing down. Even if you struggle a little and face plant into an enemy, it's still a cheery, well-designed, musical experience that can easily be played over and over again."

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g-nome2022d ago

It will most likely be the best looking game on Vita. Origins was beautiful.