Possible new 2.20 details revealed by PC World, 'Portable Copy'?

PC World has revealed some details on what they say will be included in the up and coming 2.20 update for the PS3. So far, no other known source has revealed the same new details.

"The firmware also exposes 'Portable Copy', which enables PS3 users to copy a standard-definition version of the Blu-ray movie to a PlayStation Portable (PSP)."

They also state the update was planned for this weekend but it appears that is no longer the case.

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TheExecutive3921d ago

please god let this be true!

gameraxis3920d ago

does this mean it will be viewed on the psp but stored on ps3? (kind of like how u can play games now?) isn't the memory stick for the psp to small to store a few hi-def movies and games on it?

whoelse3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

These images are from a demonstration at CES.

Each film is supposed to be around 1GB big.

Cwalat3921d ago

so this means its the end of UMD movies ?

pwnsause3921d ago

yea it would be the official end of the movie UMD, not UMD in General. but this is going to boost PS3/PSP/and BD sales though, i would gladly buy more bd movies if they use this feature as standard.

DRUDOG3920d ago

Not entirely. Sony has already stated that they will release UMD movies that "make sense". More than likely, movies that fall in the same demographic as that of PSP owners. Also, MTV has already stated they will be releasing tv shows and some movies on UMD. There weren't many movies to choose from in the first place, but to say they are all going away is wrong.

travelguy2k3920d ago

update the firmware and add a feature to manually convert the Blue ray into a PSP format that can be saved to the HDD. Then it could be used on standard dvds as well and it would be backwards compatible with all blue rays to date.

barom3920d ago

I thought UMD movies pretty much flopped already. I don't think I know anyone who bought a UMD movie.

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rbanke3921d ago

Would also be cool if it could do dvd's.

DRUDOG3920d ago

You already can with the right software. Google it...

rbanke3920d ago

I meant using the ps3.

pp3921d ago

ps3 will reqiure lot more firmwares to come close xbox 360

Yo Mama3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

LMFAO. The PS3 surpasses all the 360's media playing capabilities right now, much less after future firmware updates!!!!

crazy250003920d ago

what does the 360 have that the ps3 doesnt?

if you were to ask me the other way around i could list lots =)

whoelse3920d ago

The only thing that the 360 has but the PS3 doesn't is access to system features while in game which are coming in the summer, and better online features which you have to pay for.

2 cents3920d ago

Wee Wee, you don`t own a ps3 so you can`t judge something you never used. I own both consoles but i must say the ps3 is my favoured and is being used more often. The only games that get me playing the x360 are F2 and PGR4 and with the x360s line up looks like is about to have a dusty year. There are no games that appeal to me this year, since i`m a racing/adventure tipe.

Kaz Hirai3920d ago

Puto Pig, you have the intelligence of a tree and the hygiene of a SLUG!
Begone, I say!


Mr Playboy3920d ago


PS3 have 2 GB size limit , I can't play WMV HD because of the stupid size limit, but the 360 can which makes the xbox360 better in multimedia

Mr PS33920d ago

They don't include RROD firmware update's !!
But if they did then your right !! The ps3 will reqiure lot more firmwares to come close xbox 360 !!
But they don't so you can kiss my @*£!!*

heyheyhey3920d ago

@Mr Playboy

actually, this particular update lifts the 2gb limit

besides- if 2gb wasn't enough for you then jeeez

"which makes the 360 better in multi-media"

ok so one small feature (which the PS3 has after the update) suddenly erradicates the fact that the PS3 has a built-in HD-disk player (THE HD-disk), upgradeable HDD to store your media, Linux to access hundreds more applications, more codecs for music, films and photos- 3 card reader slots for SD, Compact Flash and Memory Stick Duo and much more

pwnsause3920d ago

MR. playboy, stay current with the news the new firmware update thats comming soon sometime this week or next to the PS3 will lift the 2gb limit, which means you can now watch divx/wmv movies that are over 2gb in size on your PS3, you just fell for the trap!

tweaker3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Mr Playboy is just running his mouth. 360 better in multimedia... haha Fail.

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