Dragon's Crown Gets DLC - Free for First Month

Customize Dragon's Crown with Voice Pack DLC - Free for the First Month

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FamilyGuy1631d ago

I wish more companies would do this first month free DLC thing, it would help boost pre-orders and early sales big time.

ftwrthtx1631d ago

They should do limited editions just for pre-order as well.

admiralvic1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Just announcer crap like ARC does in their fighting games.

kagon011632d ago

I was about to unleash my hatred towards this game...

KingMe421632d ago

what did a game thats not out yet do to you?

rextraordinaire1632d ago

Guess I'll be getting this for free too, with the artbook :)

r211631d ago

Thats nice of them :D Looking forward to the game and playing as elf.