Guerrilla Games Hopes to “Positively Surprise You” With PS4 Title Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Story

Fresh off appearing in the new Conversations With Creators video, Steven ter Heide, Game Director on Killzone: Shadow Fall, answered a bunch of different fan questions. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2021d ago

I've always thought the universe was really cool, even if the plots weren't always that great.

Abash2021d ago

The Killzone Trilogy as a whole is among the best war stories in gaming.

abzdine2021d ago

i'll not go that far because i wasn't impressed by KZ3's story i thought it was very boring. There was nothing about the characters personalities and who they really are, just go straight kill helghasts go straight kill some more and a last ridiculous "battle" against a big spider robot. meh... i was really expecting more than what i got. But the graphics are on fire, 3D is good and move support is flawless and multiplayer was good but waaaaay below KZ2's.

Now i am looking forward to KZ: SF and i am hoping for some wow moments and an interesting story. I hope they deliver and dig deeper into characters stories and their relations with each other, and most of all, BRING BACK THE COLLECTIBLE ITEMS and the Helghast medals to find!!!!

Utalkin2me2021d ago

Suprise us with the story huh...Why does it have a dog companion in it?

I'm very excited for this game. Just hope they take more of a KZ2 multiplayer approach.

HammadTheBeast2021d ago

Helghan dogs > Ghost dogs with bombs on their back.

GribbleGrunger2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

'Anything that looks climbable will be.'

Ok, so now I'm really interested ...

doctorstrange2021d ago

I'm gonna climb me some helghan

BabyTownFrolics2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

i wonder if it will be a similar system to Brink:

I cant wait to play me some new killzone

jut4202021d ago

Yea I was pretty pumped when I saw it in their reveal trailer when he was going around to flank the enemy, I just automatically assumed we'd be able to climb pretty much anything around that height after that. Glad to hear confirmation

KrystofKage2021d ago

Even small walls? That's impossible! According to COD: Ghosts, only they have done such innovative features!

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TrendyGamers2021d ago

Great story + great gameplay + great graphics = 1 killer PS4 launch game.

Tultras2021d ago

For me, it's a killer game simply because it has ' Killzone ' on the title.


xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2021d ago

Anyone know if we'll see any mention of the people from KZ3? Sevchenko, Rico, Jammer, Johan Stahl? Any word on that yet? o_-

ftwrthtx2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I've always enjoyed the series and I can't wait to play this on the PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.