The State of Gaming in 2013

With new consoles debuting, cheap Android game systems on the market, and E3 around the corner, 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting time for gaming.

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BillytheBarbarian2022d ago

I'll hold on to the 360 for a few more the fall out.

-GametimeUK-2022d ago

Surprised to see a higher percentage of people wanting the Xone over the PS4. With what has been revealed so far that is troublesome.

Anyway to touch on a few subjects:

Mobile games are awesome. I love killing a little time on Minecraft and can spend a good deal of time on GTA with my PS3 controller connected. Full on games like FF, Chaos Rings and GTA do provide incentive for a core audience to dabble in a session on a mobile device. Yes, I don't take mobile gamers seriously, but there are some cool games on the platform. Plants vs Zombies is a great example of a quality time killer that suits the mobile platform. Shame all games aren't this good.

I also don't use my Console exclusively for gaming. I use it for light web browsing (although I mainly grab my phone), Netflix, Youtube, Blu Rays and DVD's. If I'm not playing something, I'm watching something. I doubt I will use many social features next gen.

Finally, I am up to now planning to support a PS4 at launch. That could change at e3 if they restrict used games and in which case I will more than likely go Wiiu and PC. If I decide I need another console it will be the PS4.